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Solo Females How To Stay Safe Travelling Abroad

Solo Female Travel Advice


Solo travel is becoming more popular with more men and women deciding to take a holiday on their own without their partners or family. Over the years, solo travelling has increased with more than a third of Britain’s wanting some time out on their own. Although many people think more men go abroad on their own, in reality, women are more likely to travel alone.


Travelling alone and being a Solo female traveller can be exciting, not having to think about anyone else and doing things that you want to do. However, it can also be dangerous. We are not saying you shouldn’t go on holiday on your own, you should, but it’s important to think about your safety. That is why we have put together some tips and advice for solo female travellers, so those thinking of going abroad on their own can do so without putting themselves at risk.


Here are our tips for solo female travellers:


Before You Go On Holiday


Make sure you know the local emergency numbers such as police and ambulance


Study the local area, so you know where important places are


If staying in a hotel then find the number of the hotel and store it in your phone



Stay Safe In Your Accommodation As A Solo Traveller


soloWhen you book in, don’t make it obvious to other people you are travelling alone


When checking in, don’t use your title (Miss, Ms, or Mrs)


Never leave your key in full view showing your room number


Make sure you double lock your room door when going to sleep.



Staying safe while out and about


solotravellingMake sure you find out which areas are known for trouble and avoid them


Wear a ring on your wedding finger, even if single, this gives the impression your husband is with you on holiday


At night don’t walk alone in deserted areas, get a taxi


Don’t tell strangers which hotel you are staying at


Ask your hotel to recommend a taxi firm


Never leave your drink alone, it is important that your drink is in sight at all times


Always wear your handbag on the side of the pavement and not on the side of the road. This helps avoid having your handbag stolen by someone in a car or on a motorbike



There is an increase in Drug-assisted rape so please follow our tips to stay safe while being a solo female traveller


Do not leave your drink alone. If you are going to the toilet then either take it with you or put it on the bar and get a fresh one when you return.


Everyone likes a drink, but when travelling alone, it’s important that you are aware of what is going on at all times. It is important not to overdo things and get so drunk that you could be a victim of a sexual crime.


Don’t accept a drink from a stranger. Only agree to a drink if you’re at the bar and see it being served by the bar man or woman.


If you feel threatened, or feel that someone is watching you then inform someone. Nowadays all bars have security staff.


It is important if you suddenly start to feel unwell, and feel strange, sick, or drunk or even sleepy that you tell a member of the bar staff. Have them call the police or have you taken to a hospital.



Pickpocket Crime Is On The Increase. Solo Female Travellers Are An Easy Target


pickpocketIt is sad to say, but pickpocketing crime is on the increase. The amount of people now reporting going on holiday and being a victim of crime is rising. Spain is a country with a huge problem when it comes to pickpocketing, especially in Benidorm and Barcelona.


If you are thinking of travelling to Spain, or going on holiday as a female solo traveller, then please follow our tips and reduce the chances of being a victim.



Always pay for a deposit box in your room, this is money well spent


Never take out with you more than you need


It is important you do not take your passport out with you


Always wear your handbag on the side of the pavement and not the road. When a woman has her handbag on the side of the road, it’s easy for criminals in a car or on a motorbike to steal it.


It is important when carrying a handbag that you have the straps under your t-shirt. When a bag is carried over the shoulder, it’s very easy for criminals to grab it. However, by putting the strap of the handbag under a t-shirt, then the criminal is not able to grab it. Another reason why women should carry their handbags under their t-shirts and not have their straps on show is due to another technique criminals are now using. Criminals are using a knife to cut the strap of the handbag to make it easier for them to steal your money.


In the evening, we all like to dress up, and look our best. But, when being a solo female traveller it’s important not to become a target of criminals. That is why we recommend not going out wearing lots of jewellery. Criminals look out for women and men with lots of jewellery and follow them with the aim to rob them.


Don’t put your purse in your pocket, before you know it; it will be stolen.


Keep your mobile phone safe, don’t have it on show.



Watch Out For The Pea Men


Pea men are popping up all over the world, these are criminal gangs and if you see a group of people standing around looking like they are trying to win money with the game find the pea, don’t stop and watch. These are gangs of criminals, and this has become very big in Benidorm.


The intention of these pea men is to pickpocket you while you are watching people try to win money. You have one main person who is encouraging people to gamble; then you have between three and six people pretending they are customers, they are not, they are part of the gang. These people are men and women, so don’t be fooled. You will then have another four-people watching out for the police.


When people stop and watch, the gang members walk around looking for easy targets and then rob them of their wallets, phones, and money. Most of the time you won’t notice until it’s too late. It is important when you see a crowd of people watching a man with a cardboard box trying to encourage people to find the pea, to walk on.




Remember, being a solo female traveller can be fun. There are lots of places around the world to visit, but at the same time, it’s important to take precautions.


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