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SkyParkSecure Review They Saved Me Money

SkyParkSecure Airport Car Parking Review


SkyParkSecure helped me save a small fortune on East Midlands Airport Car Parking. If you are like me, then one of the big problems you have when going on holiday is deciding if to park your car at the airport or leave it at home. Nine out of ten times I choose the airport. I do this for two reasons, one, I like to drive to the airport, and two, I know my car will be safe and secure while I’m having fun in the sun. But, then there’s a problem; the cost. Some airport car parking companies are expensive, and I mean expensive.

I’ve got a trip coming up soon where I am reviewing a holiday, and I needed a good price for an East Midlands Airport car park. I tried lots of different companies, and they were all coming out expensive. I like to watch the pennies so there was no way I was paying more than I should. One company who claim to be the biggest airport car parking provider in the UK shocked me with their price, and not in a good way. So, I carried on searching and then I came across a company that I have never used before. That company is called SkyParkSecure.

SkyParkSecure is a company that offers 300 services at 28 UK Airports. My daughter could not believe I’d never used them before and told me they offer great prices. So, I tested them out, and I was shocked. Not only was their site easy to use, but they offered good prices.

SkyParkSecure review

There is a car park I like to use at East Midlands Airport, so I compared the price SkyParkSecure was offering and compared it to a previous quote. The price from SkyParkSecure price was ten pounds lower; I was ecstatic.

I Saved Ten Pounds With SkyParkSecure

I wanted to find out if loyalty meant anything to the car parking company who claim to be the number one supplier and it didn’t. After telling them I got a better price which was ten pounds cheaper I wanted to know if they could beat it. They couldn’t beat, and they couldn’t even match it.

SkyParkSecure airport parking review“Sorry, but we cannot match that price, but if you would like to go ahead and book with us then we offer a price promise,’ a customer services rep told me.

When I asked, what the price promise was, I was told if I booked now and paid the ten pound extra then I could fill a form out, and someone would contact me in three working days to see if they could give me the difference back. What a stupid idea that is, pay extra now and wait three days to see if you get the difference back. Not extra, just the difference. It showed me they didn’t care about the customer and thought because their brand name had grown they no longer had to provide the best airport car parking prices. So, I went back to SkyParkSecure and booked my airport car park at East Midlands Airport.

I thought I had discovered something new, a new way to save money on airport car parking, but I later found out not only did my daughter know about them but also many of my contacts in the travel world. So, all this time I have been wasting money on airport car parking when I could have saved money using SkyParkSecure.

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By Timothy Ellis


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