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Skiing Holiday Insurance Cover Make Sure You Are Fully Insured

Make Sure You Are Properly Insured On Your Skiing Holiday


Skiing Holidays are becoming more popular with more Brits each year taking to the slopes for a holiday with a difference, but what happens if you have an accident on your skiing holiday and you are not properly issued? According to Independent Travel Insurance specialist, World First Travel Insurance, it will cost you an arm and a leg to get the medical treatment that you will need.


The travel insurance company are warning UK holidaymakers looking at booking a skiing holiday to make sure they get the right insurance in case they have an accident. According to reports, those most likely to have an accident on the slopes are men under the age of 25.


The most common ski and snowboard accidents include:

  • Ruptured ligaments in the leg;
  • Fractures of the lower leg;
  • Concussion; and
  • Broken bones, often wrists and ankles.


Accidents on the slopes are the most common cause of medical travel insurance claims and every year insurance companies pay out on claims to cover expenses for treatment, extended accommodation and transport. Having travel insurance for a skiing holiday does not only provides travellers with peace of mind, it also means that the costs of any medical treatment is covered.


The cost of medical treatment where skiing and snowboarding are popular can be extremely high, as most people will be automatically funnelled into a private healthcare system. For example, to pay for treatment for the most common skiing accident, that of a ruptured ligament in the leg, people may be looking at costs in the region of £20,000.


People with the right level of travel insurance should have cover for all of their medical expenses, once the excess has been paid. They should also have the added benefit of a native speaker taking charge of the matter and acting on their behalf.


A good winter sports policy will include cover for:


  • 24-hour emergency assistance;
  • Cost of the helicopter transfer from the slope to the clinic or ambulance;
  • Any onward transport costs by ambulance or other form of transport;
  • Relocation from a private clinic to a state hospital where there are more specialist’s doctors and surgeons;
  • Personal liability to cover you if you cause an accident or injury to someone else;
  • Cost of treatment and medication;
  • Return travel arrangements, including covering the costs of extra seats if the traveller needs additional space on a plane; and
  • In the case of a serious accident, such as a head injury, some insurers will cover the cost of transporting and accommodating a family member or next of kin from the UK to the resort.


Failure to buy skiing travel insurance can lead to problems. Personal liability is a vital part of any policy, and should be included as standard. If you crash into someone on the slopes and cause them injury, you are responsible for their costs; in just the same way as you would be if you were in a car and had an accident. This is of particular importance in Canada and the USA where anyone suffering an injury will be likely to make a claim against you and seek to sue you for their costs.

So, if you are going on a skiing holiday and thought skiing insurance was a waste of money, then think again.


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