Thursday, May 19, 2022

Renew Your Passport Now To Avoid A Huge Price Increase

Following the Home Office’s announcement that passport application fees are set to increase at the end of March, it is important to take action now. To avoid the price increase, and if your passport is running out, then it’s important to renew it now.

The price increase subject to Parliamentary approval will see the passport rise from £72.50 to £85.00 for postal applications. For adults who apply online for a new passport will see a price increase from £72.50 to £75.50.

It is not just adult passports that are being increased. A new child’s passport through a postal application will rise from £46.50 to £58.50. An online application which increase from £46.00 to £49.00

Those who will be hit the hardest with the price increase is those looking for a fast track application. An adult wishing to use the same day passport application service will see the price increase from £128.00 to £177.00. This is a shocking £49.00 increase.

To beat the price increase it is important that travellers needing to renew their passport do it now. On the normal passport application service takes around three weeks.



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