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Five Simple Ways to Stay in Shape While Traveling

You’re preparing for the holiday of a lifetime, and you want everything to be in tip-top shape. You’ve packed your sunscreen, local maps, and have your camera ready to go. But have you prepared for the inevitable–and often delicious–temptations that await you on your travels?

Everyone loves to go on holiday, but no one likes returning with an extra five pounds on their frame. Just because you’re about to relax, unwind, and indulge, doesn’t mean your exercise regime or diet have to go out the window. There are actually many easy and creative ways to stay in shape while traveling that can be applied no matter where you are in the world. Here are five simple ways to stay active and keep the extra pounds at bay while on holiday.


  1. Cycling is your friend

Cycling is a fun and healthy way to explore your new surroundings. Not only will you burn those extra calories from last night’s indulgence at the bar, but you’ll also get to see the city sights at a quicker pace than walking, and a healthier way than the train or bus. Many cities these days have bike sharing programs and bike tours to take, as well as designated bike paths in and around the city for tourists and locals alike to enjoy.


  1. Five-minute morning preparations

A few minutes of prep time each morning will go a long way! When you arrive at your new location, head to the local market or grocery store and pick up some staple food items, like fruits and vegetables, and well as plastic and/or paper bags. That way you can pack your lunch every morning, which will not only give you more time for traveling, but will keep your waistline–and wallet–in check. You can also prepare your proper nutrients before you even get on the plane. If you’re worried about low energy, bring some vitamin or nootropic supplements with you to take every morning. This will ensure that you get all your essential vitamins and minerals while roaming the city. You might also want to bring along a lunch bag or small cooler to keep your foods from going bad and overheating. That way you can find a park or beach to rest, relax, and enjoy your lunch.


  1. Walking is your friend

Wherever you’re headed, it’s highly likely there will be some local sights to take in during your stay. Before you set off, do some research on how to get to the sights, whether it be by bus, by foot, or by bike. If biking isn’t an option (see above), and the walk to town is manageable, take the opportunity to burn a few extra calories. This will be especially beneficial to your health in the morning, and you’ll feel more energized to continue throughout the day.


  1. Partake in fun activities

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring, especially when you’re on holiday! Find activities that will give your the thrills but will also burn some calories in the process. Visiting the coast? Try your hand at surfing, snorkeling, or sea kayaking. Near a mountain range? Take a day trip outside the city and go for a hike or maybe some rock climbing. Before you know it, you’ll be having a great time and staying in shape. And after one of these blood-pumping adventure activities, you’ll feel all the more ready to relax on the beach, and less guilty about drinking that extra margarita.


  1. Water is your friend

Staying hydrated cannot be overstated! Water keeps hunger at bay and will keep your energy levels high while you’re traveling. If you’re visiting a warm climate and planning lots of active tours and activities, then water is a must. If the water in the area is drinkable, bring your own water bottle and fill it up as often as you can, like at restaurants and hotels. That way you’ll save money and will always have water on you, before you’re feeling dehydrated. It’ll also stop you from grabbing a sugary drink to quench your thirst, and because thirst is often confused with hunger, you’ll also feel less tempted to grab an unhealthy snack.

Staying in shape while you’re on holiday doesn’t have to feel like a chore. With these handy tips in mind, you can make sure you have a great time on your travels–while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.


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