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How To Avoid Expensive Car Hire In Spain

Top Tips On How To Reduce The Cost Of Car Hire In Spain


Each year around fifteen million UK holidaymakers take a holiday in Spain looking for fun in the sun; tens of thousands of them hire a car. However, due to the sneaky tricks that some hire car companies in Spain use, thousands of people are being ripped off. That is why we have put together some tips on how to avoid expensive car hire in Spain.

Car hire companies around the world use tricks to get more money from their customers. I have listed so common tricks that are used in Spain.


  1. Avoid excessive fuel charges.

A very common trick that car hire companies use in Spain is the return it empty policy. If you have a full tank and return the car with say half a tank then you could be paying as much as one hundred euros in charges. It’s a crazy way of getting money out of people. We suggest you look for a full to full car hire policy.

cheap car hire in spain

Hiring a Car In Spain Is A Great Way To See The Real Spain and explore on your own

  1. Credit card charges:

Some car hire companies in Spain will charge you extra for a sat nav or a child car seat. They will charge you this in pounds on your credit card. You will find the exchange rate could be bad. So, if you don’t need a sat nav then tell them.


  1. Pre-existing damage:

When you return your car to the company, they may try and charge you for damage that was already done to the vehicle. This is something that is not only common in Spain but also other parts of the world.

It’s important that you take pictures of the vehicle and point out any damage. Get a piece of paper and have them sign it to say the damage was already there. If they refuse, then tell them you will go to another car hire company.


  1. You need to buy extra insurance

hiring a car in spainThis is one of the most shocking tactics to take money from people. Even though the car comes with basic insurance, once you go to pick up the car they may try and convince you to buy extra insurance which they call excess insurance. This insurance can cost you up to £20 a day.

They may will try and scare you by saying if anything happens to the car or any damage is caused to it then you will have to pay £1,000 excess.

Instead of falling for their tricks and buying expensive insurance, you can buy a stand-alone policy that will cover you for the excess. The best way of finding a low-cost excess insurance policy is through a comparison site.

The best way to hire a car in Spain is through a car hire comparison site while back in the UK. This will help you find the best deal available. Also, speak to family and friends and read reviews on the company to make sure you are hiring a car from a good company.

Remember, to avoid falling for expensive car hire tricks in Spain follow our tips and don’t feel intimidated to buy something you don’t need

By Anita Wells


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