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Flamingo Oasis Hotel Review One Of The Best Hotels In Benidorm

  • Our Flamingo Oasis Hotel Review looked at value for money and the facilites available
  • The Flamingo Hotel has become one of the most popular family hotels in Benidorm
  • The Benidorm Flamingo Hotel is an all-inclusive hotel
  • You can upgrade to a club room for a premium price

The Flamingo Oasis Hotel In Benidorm – Offers So Much For The Whole Family

flamingo oasis hotel reviewThere have been many Flamingo Oasis Hotel Reviews, some great, some fair, and some from people who just love leaving negative reviews. So, as someone who has visited this hotel a number of times, I decided to go back to Benidorm and book in again and see if it has changed since 2016.


On entering the hotel nothing had changed, no upgrade to the ground floor, or any other changes, except for one thing, no beni mobiles clogging up the reception area. According to the receptionist, beni mobiles must now park outside. The hotel ground floor or any part of the hotel doesn’t need any upgrade.


When we got to reception we were welcomed with open arms, this was no surprise as the staff are always very friendly. One thing had changed though, no more id badges that you put around your neck to show you are all-inclusive. I really liked those badges but now you are given a bracelet around your arm.


Flamingo Oasis Hotel ReceptionOne thing I have always hated about the Flamingo Oasis Hotel is the lifts. They were old, dark, and very slow. But, I was surprised in a good way. The popular Benidorm hotel has had an upgrade and got rid of the slow lifts and installed new ones. I must say it’s about time.


This time around we decided not to stay in the Flamingo Oasis Club Room. They are nice, and worth the money but we were more than happy to go with a standard room. The rooms are a good size, and you have everything that you need. There is air conditioning which is very welcoming in the hot weather, a telephone, satellite TV, hairdryer, and a safe, which you have to pay for. I’ve got to be honest; this is a pet hate of mine. Why should you have to pay for a hotel safe, I have stayed in lots of hotels that offer them for free. Come on Flamingo Oasis Hotel, get your act together and offer the safe for free.


The pool is a good size, not the biggest in Benidorm, but still good for a swim and lots of fun. In peak season trying to get a sunbed is like a Benny Hill race. Once those doors open after breakfast everyone is running out to grab one and get it as near to the pool as possible. So, if you are going during the summer to the Flamingo Oasis Hotel, then either get up early to grab a sun bed or have a walk for ten minutes to the beach where there is lots of room for a swim and to get a tan.


The food at the Flamingo Oasis is amazing. There is so much to choose from, and something for everyone, even those fussy eaters. One thing I love is when they put on Salmon, and do a Sunday Dinner. This hotel really does look after their guests when it comes to breakfast, dinner, and as a northerner calls it, tea-time.


The entertainment team works very hard at the Flamingo Oasis Hotel; there is always something going on for the children and the adults. When it comes to the entertainment in the evening, this hotel has nailed it. As well as having some amazing shows and really funny ones put on by the entertainment team, they also invite some of the professional acts that you will see around Benidorm, including the Blues Brothers tribute act. One act I wished they would have on is One Vision. If you have never seen One Vision with Mark and Denzil, then you should go and watch it. The One Vision show for me is one of the best shows in Benidorm.


Flamingo oasis hotel reviewThe Flamingo Oasis is the perfect hotel for a family or a couple wanting a great holiday in Benidorm. With the hotel being across the road from a couple of great pubs where there is entertainment on every night, and with it being a ten-minute walk from the beach and the entertainment strip, it is a perfect hotel to choose. It is affordable and one of the best hotels in Benidorm.


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