Unique places to stay at in Scotland for the complete magical experience

Travelling through the immeasurable beauty of Scotland is a treat, and if you manage to book a stay at a luxurious accommodation, that’s the icing on the cake.  Tourist accommodation in Scotland is as varied as its landscape – ultra-luxe hotels, private cottages, elegant B&Bs, regal castles – the choice is endless. Some of these lodgings are so striking that Scotland guides often point them out for their incredible design.  Mark your route through Scotland with stays at these incredible accommodations for an exquisite experience.


21212 Hotel and Restaurant, Edinburgh

This restored Georgian townhouse is a walking distance from Edinburgh’s designer boutiques. Its four luxurious rooms are done up lavishly and have a dedicated lounge area which offers a rewarding view of the gardens in the rear. Michelin starred, the restaurant is quirky to some and the best in Scotland to others. Named 21212 for its unusual menu which changes every week, the restaurant offers a five-course meal with two options for the starter, main and dessert, and one each for soup and cheese. But what makes this restaurant have its remarkable reputation is Chef Paul Kitching’s signature style of cooking which fuses traditional Scottish delicacies with international flavours to give each dish an exotic touch.


The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh

A landmark of Edinburgh, the Balmoral was originally built as the North British Hotel and provided elegant lodgings to train travellers. Refurbished and renamed in the late 1980s, the hotel is now a luxurious five-star property. This award-winning hotel is also home to a Michelin starred eatery, Number one and the subtly styled Alain Roux’s Brasserie Prince. The Balmoral finds a place on every top hotel’s list because of its luxurious rooms and flawless service.

The Grange, Fort William

An unremarkable little town, Fort William is not a destination but a halfway point for further travels. So, The Grange comes as a pleasant surprise, overlooking Loch Linnhe, settled in its own picturesque gardens. A luxury B&B, The Grange extends a warm welcome with its great food and luxurious rooms. Every room is strikingly beautiful, with extreme care given to every detail.

Number Ten, Dunvegan, Isle of Skye

Number Ten is a self-catering luxurious cottage which perfectly complements the nearby Lake Dunvegan. Fireplaces and under the floor heating keep the place cosy and inviting and make it a perfect romantic getaway or a soothing experience for a solitary traveller.

Kinloch Lodge, Sleat, Isle of Skye

Nestled at the foot of Kinloch Hill, on the southern tip of Skye, sits Kinloch lodge. A charming hotel plus restaurant. Full of rich history, antiques and clan heritage, the place has a unique vibe. The daily changing menu is sure to keep your palate satisfied, and the warmth from the kiln and a great selection of wines & whiskeys make this place difficult to leave once you settle in. You can hire Scottish tour guides ( ) to take you around.


Stobo Castle. Scottish Borders

A stay in this majestic castle gives you the taste of the lives of Scottish nobility. Its spacious rooms are adorned with exquisite fabrics and are lavishly furnished. The food here is prepared from fresh local produce and served in three charming dining rooms. The primary objective of your stay here, however, should be making the most of its exquisite contemporary spa, which offers a whole range of massages and holistic therapies.


Fairmont St Andrews, Fife

This 520-acre estate is located along the eastern coast of Scotland and offers a distinct experience owning to its elegant architecture, themed spa therapies and iconic Kittocks and Torrance golf courses. The rooms here have been updated to cater to the needs of modern travellers with Wi-Fi and plenty of USB points and sockets. Fairmont also offers several dining options including Scotland’s first vegan sports bar, Zephyr.


The Glasshouse, Edinburgh

Do not get fooled by the gothic exterior of this luxury boutique hotel; The Glasshouse showcases a modern contemporary design on the inside. The main allure of this hotel is the delightful terrace garden. With real trees and grass, this 2-acre garden is a perfect spot for a picnic lunch or an early morning cup of tea. The hotel does not have a regular restaurant service, but the room service is excellent. The Glasshouse is the perfect spot for you to relax for a day or two on your journey through Scotland. Take a private tour of Edinburgh( to go around the city.