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Turkey’s historic beauty

Turkey has been important to many different cultures throughout history. Each one has admired its beauty and even when they have passed through into the pages of history have still added their own flourish to Turkeys charm.

When people consider what is a beautiful landmark they often think of one attraction of an area. Such as Niagara Falls on the border of The USA and Canada or The London Eye in London. These are just one part of a wider area that holds more tourist attraction however when booking holidays these are often the main selling point.

Batik Hamam-Gocek Gulf

Few Locations can hold an entire coastline as a potential landmark. Turkey is one of these countries. The Aegean sea, primarily the Turquoise Coast is a section on the south-west coast of Turkey. This area shares the Aegean Sea that is between Greece and Turkey. There is a number of islands in the body of water that are large enough for inhabitants of Rhodes a prominent example. Along with large populated island, there are small islands that have been left uninhabited.

Through history, this coastline has seen many different cultures come and go. Some leaving wonders behind that stood the test of time. Others leaving small hidden reminders of their stories to be unearthed. One of the earliest and most prominent cultures was the Lycians, these peoples were fascinated with peace and freedom. While the Lycians thrived between two major groups the Ancient Greeks and the Eastern Groups they often were able to create a unique style and still allowed for a crossing of cultures as well.

While the Lycian culture eventually declined due to wars against them and piracy. Their buildings were reused to make new areas for their people however eventually even those peoples faded from existence leaving behind wonderful artistic ruins and ideas for a government that rival even some modern societies today.

Alongside the Lycians and outlasting them were the Greeks their societies were similar styles but there was a separation through their religious beliefs as well as a different governmental style. The Greek heritage adding to the wonders that have been left behind in modern Turkey have given this country a huge selection of archaeological marvels to visit when on holiday.

Alongside the historical heritage, the Turquoise Coast has many natural breathtaking vistas to behold. The collection of bays along the shoreline with some of the Islands that are close enough to visit for the day are the highlight of many tours. Alaturka Cruises special in high-quality Gulet Cruises that show many of the stops that have made this part of Turkey Famous across the world.

One of the most famous locations in the Oludeniz region of Turkey is Butterfly Valley. This Valley is a protected nature reserve, which has one authorised building to provide food and drinks and contains toilets and showers for use to the camping area. This valley can be home for hundreds of butterflies during the right season. During the butterfly mating season, hundreds of butterflies are seen floating around the plants giving it the feels of paradise right here on earth.

 If you are in Butterfly Valley at the right time of year there is a graceful waterfall that flows down the cliff face to eventually disappear into the rocks below.

Knowing there are more beautiful locations just around the next outcropping is always an attractive adventure. This is why every year people choose to sail Turkey and visit all of the locations that are only accessible by boat. Another less famous location but has one of the most famous mythological figures is St. Nicolas Island. This Island is the alleged resting place of St. Nicolas, commonly known as Santa Claus, although during his lifetime he was a bishop on the Christian Faith and St. Nicolas Island was a refuge for other devout peoples as well as a resting place for them.

Bodrum Castle

While the island now only has remnants left it still holds natural beauty all around. On the coast nearby is Gemiler Beach, which has been maintained and now is used by locals and tourists alike for family barbeques and days at the beach. On the other sides of the small island is glorious turquoise oceans, with fish swimming all around, and only the sounds of nature mixed with the occasional quiet tour boat.



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