Sailing the beauty of the south-west Turkish coast

Turkey hails from both European and Asian continents due this unique position throughout history it has been a central location for many different cultures to cross. As Turkey is mountainous in nature the countries natural beauty has always been a priority, leading to breathtaking views no matter where you go. A way that is highly recommended to see as much of Turkey is to sail the Turquoise coast. Sail Turkey offers a variety of cruises that show different parts of this stunning coastline. These gulet cruises use traditional boats, repurposed to offer luxury travel to exploring places that might not be seen otherwise. The following are just a few of the numerous destinations that will take your breath away when visiting.


Fethiye harbour town is often the starting point of the gulet cruises however it offers more than the harbour. This region has been a population hub since the Lycian empire, later becoming Telmessos by the Ancient Greek residents. During WWI a Turkish fighter pilot was killed while on duty and the town changed its name to commemorate his memory. This change has given the current name of Fethiye.

Throughout the town and surrounding areas, there are many different Ancient sites to see, such as the Lycian tombs carved into the cliff faces that frame Fethiye’s town centre or the rejuvenated amphitheatre right on the harbour front.  Fethiye’s town centre is a wonder to behold, Paspatur or old town, is the main attraction where narrow streets meet modern design to create an unusual elegance to the whole neighbourhood. Where the streets open up into small squares wide-reaching trees have been grown offering outside seating under natural shade.

Flat Islands

This uninhabited island is a popular spot on the gulet cruises due to its beauty mostly untouched wilderness. The beach on this island offers unparalleled views of the Aegean Sea and its clear turquoise waters.

The only man-made structures on the whole island is a quay for boats to allow passengers on and off safely and one small restaurant that offers simple homemade meals


Just off the coast of Turkey close to the town of Bodrum is the Greek island of Kos. Many different ruins show the history of the island, one of the more famous destination is the Asklepieion. This ruin was the birthplace of modern medicine and the Hippocratic oath. This oath was created in memory of Hippocrates who studies at this academy after travelling the world to expand his knowledge. His personal pledge, before the oath was created, was to help everyone and if that was not possible then to do no harm.

Kos also is home to numerous beaches, each one having a slight difference to each other, some having pebbles while others beautiful golden sands. One unique beach is the Kos thermal springs, this seafront hot spring offers undisturbed view of the Aegean Sea is an experience that should not be missed.

Sunken City

This ancient city was once home to a Byzantine population. On one side there is a section of the city which sunk into the water due to an earthquake. While this devastation occurred, the population rebuilt and continued to flourish until piracy forced them to abandon the residents. The building on land is able to be explored and enjoyed however the underwater sections are being preserved away from human interaction.


A small hillside port town that has gained popularity in previous years partly due to the increased numbers of small cruises bringing passengers. This idyllic town has kept a traditional style to the buildings with Lycian tone, with the narrow street, and bright coloured flowers growing. The harbour offers seafront food, homemade fresh meals made from local produce allowing each dish to burst with flavour.

A pleasant site for early risers who are staying in Kas is to watch the local fishermen bringing in nets with fish to sell to the locals but many notice they are not wasteful in the amount caught. This town is an ideal place to visit either on a blue cruise or as the main part of a holiday, due to its closeness to other fascinating sites and the range of destinations from the harbour.

While these fantastic locations are a must-see for any first-time visitor to Turkey, there is a wider variety of destination that should be added to anyone’s bucket list. Tours visiting historical locations or spending the day relaxing on the beach or even exploring the nature walks available, there is always something to enjoy.