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Participate in Cartoon and Comics Show in Dali, China and Attend Selection of the Image Spokesperson with Fascination

People around the world are crazy about cartoon from New York to Tokyo and from London to Hong Kong. Dali, as an ancient capital and an inland city of China, will welcome its own Dragon Oath animation festival from August.14 to August.20, 2018. Dali, which is crazy about cartoon and is a city seldom mentioned in the textbooks of Chinese mainland, was once the capital of Kingdom of Nanzhao and Kingdom of Dali in past millennium. Civilization created by these two dynasties once greatly affected some areas in Burma, Thailand and India. After entering the new period, Dali, as the most characteristic tourism city of China, started to be concerned by more people.

This is an uncommon uncontaminated and clean city in China, a Holy Land of travel for new young people and literary youth of China, and also a city emphasizing on Chinese air quality and historic culture. People who live in this area are never disjointed with the world. Their enthusiasm for cartoon and cosplay is always reflected in the state of expressing themselves. After the first animation festival was successfully held in 2017, they determine to make it bigger in this summer, hoping to invite people around the world to come to Dali to experience different feelings and find out travel features of Dali. Cartoon is one of the best ways to get close to visitors. Particularly, in an ancient city with antique beauty, people wear different and characteristic clothing to thoroughly release themselves in travel.

Participate in Cartoon and Comics Show in Dali

Dragon Oath is a very famous Kungfu novel in China, describes various states of divinity and human world and reveals the swordsman plot of Chinese people. This activity is held in Dragon Oath cinema city, which is the nearest travel experience area of Dali ancient city.

The image spokesperson of Dragon Oath animation festival will start selection on July 1, hoping to select the image spokesperson, so that more people will participate in this activity. In addition, the spokesperson will let more people focus on cartoon and Dali through their propaganda. The sponsor at least will provide 800US dollars of awards and accommodation or other expenses in Dali during the animation festival for the spokesperson. They wish that more people will know about Dali, China and Dali animation festival through this propaganda.

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If you are also interested in cartoon clothing and are interested in traveling to China in August, Dali is a good choice. You can wear your cartoon clothing to attend the contest of selecting the image spokesperson. Perhaps, that is you! All expenses in Dali are possible to be free. What’s more, you can gain lots of incomes. Applicants of the image spokesperson can send three individual pictures and contact information by e-mail. Their committee will vote and select in the local. You just need to leave the contact information. If you are lucky to be chosen, your pictures will be shown in big streets and small alleys in this city.


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