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Most popular beer gardens on the Great Ocean Road to relax with a drink

The most popular beer gardens in Australia are situated on Great Ocean Road. They are a great option if you’re in search of a cool place to relax, or if you want to spend your time trying some craft beers. Whatever you want, there’s definitely something for you!

This article will feature some of the nicest beer gardens you can find on the Great Ocean Road, as well as the handcrafted beers they’re associated with.


Great Ocean Road Brewhouse, Apollo Bay

Great Ocean Road Brewhouse australia

Situated in Apollo Bay, the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse takes the top-spot on our list.


Along with the best of Prickly Moses, they provide you with an amazing atmosphere. The Great Ocean Road Brewhouse is finely positioned to give you a great view of the Apollo Bay foreshore, and on top of this great view, they welcome your dog to come along. Without a doubt, it is among the most enjoyable locations in the Apollo bay during the summer. However, in the winter, they offer an all-weather beer garden with a huge marquee and classy heating lamps to make sure you feel warm and cosy.

Besides the exquisite view that the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse offers, you’re treated to great live music events every weekend. Therefore, each time you make a stop to grab a beer in the weekend, you can be sure to have an ongoing performance in the background.

Nothing beats a combination of a great atmosphere, live music, and the handcrafted beers from the local region.

Anytime you decide to check them out, be sure to taste at least one of their Prickly Moses brews, made with undiluted Otway rainwater, which comes directly from the lush rainforest!



Apollo Bay Distillery, Apollo BayApollo Bay Distillery


Apollo Bay Distillery claims the second spot on our list. Situated in an ancient building with a lot of history, the Apollo Bay Distillery is strategically placed to keep the tales associated with this building alive. They offer gins associated with old folklores. They crown it all with the SS Casino Anchor to intensify the uniqueness of the Apollo Bay Distillery.

You can never go wrong with a combination like this; great environment, handcrafted exotic gins made out of local botanicals, local but exquisite setting and Italian style wood fired pizzas.

On top of a great distillery, is an on-site Coffee Roasters, the local brand Hello Coffee, and few hand-picked local craft beers, wines, and gin cocktails. Whatever your needs are, Apollo Bay Distillery has you covered. Have a great time enjoying an amazing drink in their great-looking outdoor terrace with the Apollo Bay Foreshore in view!


Merrijig Front Bar, Port Fairy

Merrijig Front Bar, Port Fairy australia


Merrijig Front Bar always brings that much needed relaxation and fun. Whenever you decide to stop by in the summer, be sure to try their home-grown cocktails, beers, or local wine in their great-looking garden bar. Enjoy your drink under Port Fairy’s famous Norfolk Pines, with the amazing Moyne River in view.

Their menu consists of amazing wines matched with great tasting food including local, regional, and international wines made with the best practices by local producers.

Additionally, their always changing menu keeps the fun up, as it constantly features new local and international samples and artisan spirits, so you can always try something new.


Aireys Pub, Aireys Inlet

Aireys Pub, Aireys Inlet australia


Along the coast of Aireys Inlet sits the great Aireys Pub. Their beer selection covers a wide range of beers, but not as wide as what the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse offers. The Pub is popular for the great food that they offer. Considering that Aireys Pub is a small restaurant, you can easily access a simple but great meal that aligns perfectly with the IPA beer flavours. 

Aireys Pub has a few tweaks on their beer garden to give it a different look. It’s a considerably large green garden overlooking the coast. Besides the great atmosphere, the pub features rustic fireplaces which makes it a great option all-year round.


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