Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Don’t Write Off Late Holiday Deals Says In2town Travel Editor

The UK is seeing some of the best weather we have for years which is great news for people who wish to get to the seaside for a nice relaxing day or sunbath in the garden but according to a source at a leading high street travel agent, the heatwave is bad for business.

Prices on package holiday deals have been shocking this year, high street travel agents think everyone of us are millionaires and can afford an average £3,500 for a family holiday during the summer season, so it is not surprising that the high street travel agents are now becoming worried over the weather and have seen less people come through their doors to grab a last minute bargain.

A source at a top name travel agent said: “The weather has had a devastating impact on last minute holidays, we are being left with thousands of unsold holidays. People are now deciding to grab a holiday in the Uk instead of going abroad.”

Travel agents are now looking at ways to increase sales during the heatwave and according to our source, it all points to a big sale on last minute holidays to help shift unsold holidays.

So if you have been shocked on the prices on last minute holidays as well as package holidays before the heatwave then according to our travel editor, Geoff Tims, you could be in for a nice surprise.

Geoff Tims has said that travel agents will quickly start to reduce holiday prices to try and encourage people in the UK who are thinking of taking a holiday near the seaside to grab a bargain and fly abroad on one of their all inclusive holidays.

Keep an eye on the prices on last minute holidays and see if you can grab yourself a bargain and a great holiday idea


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