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How To Save Money On Cruise Holidays – The Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

Cruise holidays offer a wonderful experience where you get to see many places during your holiday, but they can also be expensive. So we decided to look at ways on how you can save money.


Our tips can help you save money from booking your cruise holiday as well as during your holiday. Some of these tips you may already know, some tips on how to save money on a cruise holiday will surprise you.


The secrets that we are sharing are tips that travel agent don’t want you to know about.


Pass these tips on to your friends and help them save money on a cruise holiday.



Booking Your Cruise Holiday


A lot of people when they book a cruise holiday go direct through the cruise operator to get the best deal, but that is not always the case, and better deals could be gained. By looking at our how to save money on cruise holidays below can turn you from someone who pays full price to an expert cruise saver.


  1. Never go by the brochure price
  2. Be flexible on when you can travel
  3. Use a comparison site to see what the best deal is available
  4. Have a look at cash-back sites and see how much you would receive when booking with them. Some offer up to 5%.
  5. Some credit cards offer you cash back when you spend on it, using a cash-back site and certain credit cards can knock some serious money off your cruise holiday.
  6. When you have found the best deal, go to the high-street travel agent and ask them if they can offer you the same deal. When they say yes, tell them that you can more money off by booking online and using a cash-back site. Tell them you would like them to price match that. Do not be afraid to stand your ground
  7. When speaking to a travel agent, tell them that you have been offered free money to spend onboard the cruise ship by a cruise specialist and can they offer you the same deal. Some will and some won’t, but it’s worth a try.
  8. Do not be afraid to ask if they can offer you a free upgrade. Explain to them that you have the money right now and you are willing to give them your custom if they can give you a great deal.
  9. If you are not happy with the deal you are being offered by the travel agent, then ask them to give you half an hour while you just go outside and make a call to your partner to check everything with them. Use that time to phone a cruise specialist in your area and direct to the cruise company and see if they can give you a better deal. You are in the driving seat as they want your business. A cruise operator is more likely to give you the best deal if bookings are low as they know any money they have lost on the sale of the cruise holiday will be made up with your spending on board.


How To Save Money On Port and Airport Car Parking


If your car parking is not included in the price of the holiday then use a car parking comparison site, this also goes with airport car parking. See what the best deal is, and again use a cash-back site to earn some money. If you know someone who works for Haven, then get them to book your car parking as they get a discount.



Saving Money During Your Cruise


  1. If your cruise liner offers it then many people do recommend the drinks package, but you need to work out the prices onboard, and how much you drink and see if this saves you money.
  2. All-inclusive cruises are becoming more popular, and these could save you money. They are very similar to the drinks package that many cruise liners offer. Again, you need to work out what you would spend on drink and see if it is worth it.
  3. If like me you are a coffee lover then instead of buying coffee at the bar, go to one of the food outlets and have a drink there where it is free.
  4. Tipping. If you are on a cruise that adds tipping on your bill, then this can become expensive. Me, personally I like to tip people who offer a good service and not feel forced into having tips added to my holiday price. You can ask for the tips to be reduced by 50% or even ask for them to be taken off. I would suggest asking for the tips to be reduced by 50% and then tip people who offer you the service you would expect.
  5. Excursions. Let’s be honest some cruise companies sell very expensive excursions that can really break the bank. Before you travel, check out each port and see what is available by local tour operators. Most of the time you can find a much better deal. Another good tip is to use local taxi companies. A local taxi driver will be more than happy to take you where you want to go and by haggling with them on price; you can get a great deal.
  6. Stay Clear of photo galleries. Yes, everyone wants a photo to remind them of their cruise holiday, but these galleries are expensive. You can easily get the same quality picture by taking a selfie or asking someone to take a picture of you and your loved one.
  7. If you find the drinks are expensive onboard, then buy drinks when you are in port and take them to your cabin.


By following these tips on how to save money on cruise holidays, you could find your money will go a lot further. Do not be afraid to get the best deal, at the end of the day it is your money, and you deserve the best cruise holiday price possible.  


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