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Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Jessica-Jane Stafford Talks About Her Holidays

Jessica-Jane Stafford Talks About Holidays

Jessica-Jane Stafford who starred in a variety of films and TV dramas, including the role of head ‘WAG’ in Sky 1’s football series ‘Dream Team’, Empire Productions’ ‘Moussaka and Chips’, ‘The Devils Tower’ and a role in BBC1 drama ‘Casualty’ got together with In2town Travel Magazine to talk about holidays and how she would love to go back in the Celebrity Jungle.

The stunning actress, model and TV Presenter of The Real Hustle and wife of Celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford has travelled the world, so we wanted to know more about her travels and who was in charge when it came to booking holidays and doing the packing.

Jessica-Jane, You were born and lived in Sheffield, a lot of parents take their children to Cleethorpes for a holiday, did you ever go as a child?

Sort of, my mum was pregnant with me and she used to take my brother and his friends. So, I guess I have been but I can’t remember anything!


As a child what was your most favourite holiday and why?

I loved Orlando, Florida! We’d book it a year in advance and the whole family would be counting down! I loved everything over there. The food, the accent, the cheerleaders, the cinemas..! I would stock up on loads of American magazines and read them all year until our next visit! We go to the cinemas and watch all the latest teen horror movies like Scream before they came out in the UK. I used to cry on the flight home, I wanted to live there so much! I still think we’ll end up in LA..!


What was the first holiday you booked and paid for yourself and how did you save up for it?

It would have been somewhere like Puerto Rico when I was about 18. I was modelling at the time so I was saving my money but I’m sure my parents probably helped me out! I never had much spending money when I went on holidays as a teen but always managed to find enough for cocktails!


Soon, you will be able to go into space for a holiday, if you were offered a place by Richard Branson to go into space and do a special show, would you accept?

No way! Sorry Richard.. I’m quite happy on earth! I would most definitely get claustrophobic and have a panic attack. I would also be anxious that something might go wrong.. I very much doubt that I’ll be visiting space in my lifetime! Getting on a regular flight is hard enough for me. I’d take the ticket and sell it on E-Bay though!


When it comes to booking a holiday, who decides where to go you or Lee?

Lee is the holiday one, he’s got all the best contacts all over the world so we always get the best deals and best recommendations. We’ll always discuss together where we want to go then when we’ve decided, Lee takes over. 

jessica jane stafford 3

A recent report found that women are better at packing than men, when you go on holiday do you take charge of the packing?

Haha, what do you mean a recent report?? Hasn’t that always been the case!!? Lee does all his own packing, he’s very fussy about what he takes away and ALWAYS takes three times more than he should! I’m completely in charge of my own bag and the three kids, so I start doing a rough pack about two weeks before and add to it. I know that I’ll end up wearing pretty much the same stuff every day but Lee is still under the illusion that he needs two outfit changes every day. Everyone always end up in their favourite pair of shorts!

Jessica-Jane Stafford Would Love To Go Back In The Celebrity Jungle

In 2011, you went in the jungle for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, if you were offered the chance to go back in the jungle would you accept?

Definitely! I was so, so nervous when I was in there, you just don’t know what going on in the show back home. I would be a lot more confident and less worried about people’s feelings. People are a lot tougher than I think they are and I always worry that I’ve insulted someone when I haven’t! I was holding back on my goofy silly randomness because I thought no one would get me, but I should have just been 100% myself. It’s hard though in that environment!


What has been the best holiday you have been on and why?

Lee and I went to Cyprus a few years ago and we never left the hotel! Looking back, we could have been anywhere but the hotel was huge and the service was impeccable! We were by the pool everyday reading our books and drinking G&T’s. we were laughing constantly, eating great food, watching movies. I just wish we could remember what hotel it was! Haha.


Have you ever had any funny experiences while on holiday?

Thailand was always full of funny experiences. Lee and I used to do a health retreat every year for the whole of January. For 10 days we would have to do two colonics a day and drink three clay shakes. You could put a little basket at the end of your enema board to catch your poo! Everyone at the retreat was doing it so every conversation revolved around poo and showing everyone pictures of your poo! You’d lose over a stone by the end!


jessica jane stafford holidayWhere has been the strangest place you have been asked for a selfie or autograph while on holiday?

I was at a drama school in New York and I’d already done quite a bit of TV work. I didn’t tell anyone I was already working but one boy found out I had a Wikipedia page and asked for a picture in the middle of my Shakespeare class.


If you had the chance to take a holiday anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii but we’ve never quite managed it. Wherever we go now though, it has to be 100% kid friendly and safe. Plus we’d have to take my parents to help with the kids and it would have to be in term time but not too busy!!..I think we’re getting pretty limited!! Cleethorpes! Haha!


You are working with Cats Protection where you will be announcing a winner at the National Cat Awards 2017, how important do you feel it is that people support the charity?

I’ve always been a massive charity supporter so, being a HUGE cat lover, supporting Cats Protection is something that I’m delighted to be able to do and something my mum always did. They’re such a brilliant cause working across the country to help around 200,000 cats each year, not only helping unwanted cats find new homes, but also reuniting owners with lost cats as well as running the world’s largest companion animal neutering programme. They do truly amazing work and I’d urge any other cat lovers out there to support however they can! www.cats.org.uk

By Timothy Ellis




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