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How To Clean A Static Caravan?

These Tips On How To Clean A Caravan Can Help You Save Money


One of the big questions new static caravan owners ask is how to clean a static caravan, but it’s not just new owners who want to know this, it is also seasoned owners. So, to help people save money and cut back the amount they pay a professional caravan cleaner to clean their static caravan, we have put together some important tips on how to clean a static caravan.


Cleaning a static caravan is not just about making it look clean, it is also about removing the bugs and germs. Another good reason to clean a static caravan is to increase the static caravan lifespan.


The Following Equipment Is What You May Need To Clean The Exterior Of A Static Caravan


A Jet Washer or a decent hose pipe with a good water pressure

A ladder

A long-handled mop or an extendable one

Shampoo, window cleaner and wheel and tyre cleaner

Toothbrush or a small brush to get into the small areas such as the vents

A sponge, cloth or microfibre noodle glove

A microfibre cloth for drying freshly-washed surfaces

Wax to provide an excellent finish

how to clean a static caravan

These tips are going to provide you details of how to clean the outside of your static caravan.


  1. Check the guttering of the caravan for any debris and give the guttering a good clean with a hosepipe.
  2. Sweep the roof. It is important to sweep the roof to remove any build up of leaves that could eventually cause problems to the roof.
  3. If you have caravan decking, then give it a good sweep before hosing the decking areas. If you have stubborn stains, then a good idea would be to use bug clean and spray a little on the stain and leave it for a few minutes. Then, clean it off.
  4. Give the doors and windows a good clean. When cleaning and polishing the windows use a soft cloth. You could use a car windscreen cleaner. Use a good cleaning solution to remove any dirt from the windows and doors.
  5. Check the vents for any debris and give them a good clean.
  6. When using a jet washer to clean the exterior your caravan please make sure you avoid the doors and windows as this could cause serious damage to the seams and seals.


Check the caravan for any problems such as any cracks or splits and then look at having these repaired.

Once you have followed these steps you can then polish the caravan all over to give it a gleaming look. It is important to work from the top down.

cleaning a static caravanImportant Notes When Cleaning The Outside Of A Static Caravan


  1. Always check the handbook that you were given for your static caravan as it may recommend that you only use certain products.
  2. Always clean from the top to the bottom
  3. If you are using a pressure washer to clean your static caravan, then make sure that you use the correct attachments. You also need to stand at a safe distance from the caravan to avoid any damage that the pressure of the water can cause.
  4. When using a high-powered jet washer, it is important to keep away from the windows, seals and joints otherwise you could create damage which will need to be repaired.
  5. A lot of static caravan owners have made the mistake of using washing up liquid to clean their caravan. Doing this can lead to damage such as corrosion.


It is important to clean your static caravan at the end of the season and to clean the exterior of the caravan at the beginning of the season. We hope our tips on how to clean a static caravan have helped you.


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