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Vauxhall Holiday Park Great Yarmouth Review


Vauxhall Holiday Park Great Yarmouth


Vauxhall Holiday Park Review, Great Yarmouth. Our Holiday Ideas team received lots of emails from our readers telling us that we should visit the Vauxhall Holiday Park in Great Yarmouth. They said it is one of the best holiday parks in Great Yarmouth, and I have to say our readers were right.

Our reporters from In2town Travel magazine have visited lots of holiday parks around the UK and I have also visited my fair share under protest. I am more of a person who likes to jump on a plane and visit warm countries, so you can imagine how I felt when I was sent to Vauxhall Holiday Park to do the review.


I must be honest and say I wasn’t looking forward to getting in my car and driving for nearly four hours to Great Yarmouth. The advantages of being the editor of In2town Lifestyle Magazine, is getting to travel the world and getting plenty of duty free. However, when I got to Great Yarmouth which I have never been to before and arriving at Vauxhall Holiday Park, I was shocked in a very good way.

When I arrived at the Vauxhall Holiday Park it was like entering a secret. The holiday park is just off the main road into Great Yarmouth, and I must admit while listening to Bruno Mars I failed to hear my Sat Nav announce that we were hear and drove straight past.

great yarmouth vauxhall holiday parkI was not expecting much with the Vauxhall Holiday Park Review. I was expecting to be writing a very negative review and counting the days until I was due to head back home but all that was turned on its head within the first five minutes.

The staff at reception were very welcoming, the woman even pointed on a map where our caravan was and even gave me directions without me asking which I thought was very nice. I am not sure if she heard about me missing the turn off and thought I needed extra help. As I walked out of the reception a member of the entertainment team said hello to me, something that I have never experienced during all my years of visiting other UK holiday parks. I think entertainment teams from other parks could learn a lot from Vauxhall Holiday Park.

I drove to the caravan which was the Partridge Gold caravan that we booked, expecting some old tatty budget caravan especially for the money that we paid. It was not tatty it was really nice and had everything that I needed.

vauxhall holiday park‘Vauxhall Holiday Park in Great Yarmouth Is The Best UK Family Holiday We Have Come Across’


The pleasant shocks just continued to roll my way and I started to forget about wanting to be abroad reviewing a hotel in a nice hot country and started to really enjoy being on holiday in Great Yarmouth.

I started to venture around Vauxhall Holiday Park and couldn’t believe all the facilities that were on offer for such a low price. There was the Reedcutters Restaurant which provides lovely food and if you fancy a lovely coffee and a time to relax then there is also Ted’s coffee shop where you have free Wifi access. If you fancy a takeaway then you are spoilt for choice. You have everything from Kebabs, Pizzas and even Shell Fish but my favourite was the fish and chips.

As well as the food outlets you have many other great facilities including the games room. The games room which had a little bar where you could sit either outside or inside enjoying a nice drink and a chat or as the name says play some games. I did not count the number of pool and snooker tables that were on offer but it was the biggest games room I have been into. As well as snooker and pool you could also play darts.

While we were walking around we came across a Mini Mart, Laundrette, Gym, Sauna and Solarium as well as a salon for the ladies called Pinkies, it was like the owners of Vauxhall Holiday Park had visited many other holiday parks around the UK and looked at what they were not providing the holidaymaker and speaking to holidaymakers to find out what they really wanted from a holiday in the UK.

The Great Yarmouth Holiday park catered for adults and children alike making it a truly family holiday. You had the amusements which included Camel Racing, Bowling, a children climbing area and also an over 18’s high rollers area.


Vauhall Holiday Park Was Like An Aladdin’s Cave

reviews of vauxhall holiday parkVauxhall Holiday Park was like an Aladdin’s Cave, you thought you had seen everything but you just kept on seeing more. There were a number of play areas for the children which included Louie The Lion Tree House as well as a small park. There was also Louie The Lions Jungle Adventure Golf for children and adults to enjoy which is lots of fun and the biggest surprise of them all was the Indoor Tropical Water World and Splash Zone with Sun Terrace.

Now a lot of holiday parks and caravan parks around the UK have swimming pools but I have to say a lot of them are small and there is not much on offer but the Indoor Tropical Water World was the biggest swimming pool we have come across except for Butlins. A lot of thought and planning has gone into the Vauxhall Holiday Park swimming pool to make it a place where adults and children will have lots of fun.

There was so much to do. We thought we had covered everything but then we came across the Vauxhall GP which was little go karts and then we came across the hire shop where you could rent family bikes and go karts which were very popular on the camp. One thing we did not know about was the films under the stars which is a great idea and reminds me of the old outdoor cinema’s in America where you can watch great movies under the stars.

During the day there was lots of things to do for the children and adults, the entertainment team put on different great events which the children loved, this included having breakfast with Louie The Lion. The Vauxhall Holiday Park seemed to have it all but would the night time entertainment impress me?

I have reviewed many parks as I have mentioned which includes Butlins, Haven, Park Resorts to just name a few and on most occasions the entertainment was a real let down. It does not matter where I am in the world, I am the type of person where to me the most important thing is being entertained in the evening. During the day I want to have fun as well as relax but during the evening I want entertainment where I can laugh and sing to great songs and listen to great singers but as I have said, in the UK as well as abroad I have been let down on more occasions than I care to remember.

We went to the Regency Room which is the main family entertainment room, now as I have said I was expecting amateur entertainment where the entertainment team would try and put on a good act but fail miserably but again Vauxhall Holiday Park shocked me. In the Regency room you not only have the on site entertainment team, you also have outside professional entertainers but unlike other holiday camps where the outside entertainers were much better than the holiday camp entertainment team, Vauxhall Entertainment team who worked very hard were just as good as the professional acts.

Every night there was great entertainment in the Regency Room and the entertainment team got all the crowd going which includes Louis the Lion which my grandson loved, which makes me feel a bit guilty as we forget to go the shop before we left and buy all the Louie The Lion products, so if you have children then make them smile and buy the teddy’s and the other great Louie The Lion products and make your children’s holiday. There was great party dances and great shows that the entertainment team put on. I would personally like to say well done to the entertainment team because not only were they very hardworking and very entertaining, they were great on and off stage with the holidaymakers.


Vauxhall Holiday Park Review – A Holiday Park Worth Visiting

vauxhall holiday park in great yarmouthSome of the great acts that we saw in the Regency Room was Relentless which were a party band and very talented, we also saw Forever Jackson which I have to saw was the strangest thing I have ever seen, not in a bad way. The show which was dedicated to Michael Jackson was great but the performer looked like Michael Jackson himself, with him being a dead ringer and his backing dancers being amazing, the show was a highlight of the holiday. We also watched StepBack who were entertaining and J’Nay who was a former X Factor contestant with a very strong voice.

As well as the Regency Room, there was also an adults entertainment venue called V-lounge which again is a great idea by the owners of Vauxhall Holiday Park. The V-Lounge entertainment is out of this world, I have never laughed and sang so much in my life. If you visit the Vauxhall Holiday Park in Great Yarmouth and you must, then make sure you do visit The V-Lounge if you have babysitters for your children, as you will have an amazing time.

In the V-Lounge we watched one of the funniest comedians I have come across, his name was Arnold Gutbucket, if he entered Britain’s Got Talent he would win the show hands down. He had the audience in the putty of his hands and people were aching with laughter. I hope in the near future that Arnold Gutbucket gets the success that he deserves and tours the UK and appears on television.

On the same bill as Arnold Gutbucket was the lovely and talented and very funny singer Kate McCabe. She had an amazing voice and a great sense of humour, it just makes me wonder how come we see a lot of untalented singers in the charts who need a lot of gadgets to make them sound good when we have hidden gems like Kate McCabe.

I have to say That Tom in the V-Lounge was a very funny fella, he was great entertainment and the act he put on with Andy was fantastic.

Unfortunately one of the most amazing voices I have come across has now left Vauxhall Holiday park and I believe has gone onto college, her name was Liberty. She had a voice that should be on the West End and another singer to watch out for is Sarah who I like to call Smiles, as I never saw her on stage without a huge smile.

I really enjoyed myself at Vauxhall Holiday Park and for the price that we paid I was amazed. There was so much to do during the day and the night and with the location of the holiday park just being a few minutes up the road from the centre of Great Yarmouth, the caravan park was in a great location.

I was so impressed with the holiday park I have booked it for a personal holiday in October when and wait for it, I was originally booking a one week well deserved break in Spain. Not only that, I have also booked a two week holiday at Vauxhall Holiday Park next year and plan to visit the holiday park at least once a year for a two week well earned break. Not in a million years would I have thought that out of choice I would be booking a holiday in the UK but it seems Vauxhall Holiday park and all the staff have converted me. Would I stay in another holiday park in the UK instead of staying abroad? well not out of all the UK holiday parks I have reviewed over the years but Vauxhall is different and very special.

One thing I would have liked and this is just me, I would have liked for the V-Lounge to be open until at least 1pm in the morning.

If you are wanting a great family holiday in the UK at a great affordable price with lots of things to do for the children and adults alike, then book Vauxhall Holiday Park. This holiday park keeps on giving and could become a holiday park that you will visit year after year.

Haven have the reputation for being one of the best holiday park companies in the UK, something that I have never agreed with through all the reviews we have undertaken, but what I will say to Haven is, visit Vauxhall Holiday Park if you want to know how things should be done.

If you have enjoyed your holiday at Vauxhall Holiday Park in Great Yarmouth, and you are thinking o buying a caravan, then read our advice on buying a static caravan.

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