Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Benidorm Bar Owners Worried About Their Business

After it was reported Benidorm police will crack down on badly behaved brits and brought in measures to clean up the popular Spanish resort, bar owners have now become worried.

Popular Spanish resorts which have been a favourite with stag and hen parties and young people have seen some serious changes over the past 12 months. First, we had Magaluf, then Ibiza, and now Benidorm, who all want to clean up their resorts and make them more family friendly, but not everyone is happy.

benidorm stag parties

The local council in Benidorm has brought in new anti-social behaviour rules with the police being told they must come down hard on those that break the rules. These rules include not being allowed to walk around Benidorm half naked, and for those walking around the resort to be on their best behaviour.

The council in Benidorm want to remove their image as being a place for stag and hen parties and badly behaved brits and instead attract more families from around the world. They have tried this before and failed, which includes encouraging hotels to stop taking booking for groups of men and women.

Some Bar Owners who have said they are concerned at how Brexit will affect their small business has said these latest measures could seriously damage the future of their bars. It is not just the bar owners who are concerned, those that work in them feel if young people stop coming then it will result in job losses. One woman explained bar work is the only real kind of work available in Benidorm.

The woman from Manchester who works in a popular bar said of her worries about the new rules: “I have lived here for over ten years and finding a stable job is nearly impossible. If hen and stag parties stop coming, then bar owners will need less staff which will mean a lot of people being forced to go back to the UK.”

A bar owner who did not want to be named told one of our reporters there has already been a decline in the number of stag and hen parties that visit Benidorm.

Benidorm Bars worried about rowdy brits

“Most bars rely on young people. Young people are the ones that spend money, families tend to stay in their all-inclusive hotels. If the council drive young people away and force them to another resort then there will be no need for all the bars Benidorm currently has. I for one would really struggle.”

Not everyone is convinced the council will succeed in their plan to clean up the resort. Some bar owners believe it is just a publicity stunt, while some others have said the council has tried many times to remove stag and hen parties but failed.

By Susan Mulsher


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