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5 Things To Do In Thailand This Year

We got together with to look at the best things to do in Thailand.

Some of the biggest films have been filmed in Thailand and if you look at the magical places Thailand has to offer, its no wonder why Hollywood turns to the popular Asian country for their hit films. Its not just Hollywood that loves Thailand, more than 32.59 million tourists visit the popular country each year, with more than half of first-time visitors returning within two years.


The Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw

Thailand best places to visitIf there is on place to visit in Thailand then it must be the spectacular Grand Palace in Bangkok. It was built in 1782 and for over 150 years it was the home of the Thai King. Today, it is the most famous landmark in the city. If you are thinking of visiting The Grand Palace in your holiday clothes then you need to think again. The Grand Palace demands respect and visitors must be dress properly, if not dressed to the high standards that are expected, then entry can be refused.


The Floating Markets

best places to visit thailandIf you have seen it in the films, and now you need to see it in person. If you are visiting Bangkok then you must visit the floating market. It is situated about 100km outside of Bangkok. There is nothing like it in the world. It has been featured in many films and tv programmes, and in hundreds of tourist books. The floating market is where you go to buy fresh tropical fruit and vegetables, local food, and ready-to-drink coconut juice. Make sure you take your camera and show your friends back home.


Climb the Sathorn Unique Tower

thailand places to visitIf you have a head for heights then this is right up your street. The skyscraper is situated in the heart of Bangkok. With 49 floors to climb, it is not for those that don’t like heights. It was built in the late nineties, but sadly due to the financial crisis it was never completed. It is not an official tourist attraction, but money talks. If you hand the security guards a small payment then they will let you climb the tower. Once at the top, you will see some breath-taking views of Bangkok. Word of warning, it is not just the fear of heights you must worry about it, according to the locals, this building is haunted.


Take a trip to Koh Phi Phi

thailand places to visitIf you are a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, and have watched one of the biggest Hollywood hits ‘The Beach’ then you may recognise Koh Phi Phi. For those that are not fans of the Titanic actor, then you may have seen it in a James Bond film.

Koh Phi Phi is breath-taking. It is an island in the province of Krabi, and if you are visiting Thailand then you must visit this magical place. Don’t expect to jump in a jeep or a car when visiting the island, there are no roads so the only way of getting around is by the power of your feet. There are two main beaches and so much to see.


Elephant Nature Park

best places to visit thailandElephant Nature Park is in Chiang Mai. If you love animals and love Elephants then you have to visit this magical place. It is a rescue and rehabilitation center, and the team work extremely hard to look after the welfare of the Elephants.

With tourists visiting Elephant Nature Park, it allows the team to carry on with their important work. For those that visit the park, it gives them the chance to see Elephants up close and personal. People of any age will love a visit to the Nature park.


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