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Motorists Warned About Driving During The Artic Weather Conditions

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  • Green Flag warns over 110,000* breakdowns ( one every five seconds) are expected this week, as cold weather returns to the UK
  • Forecasters warn that Britain must brace itself for freezing temperatures
  • The Met Office has issued a warning for disruptive weather in the run up to March

As forecasters warn that Arctic weather is set to return to Britain, bringing sub-zero temperatures as we head towards spring, leading breakdown provider Green Flag has predicted over 110,000 breakdowns will occur on Britain’s roads this week. 

The Met Office has issued an alert to be prepared for the difficult weather conditions, and forecasters warn heavy rain and snowfall will arrive in the coming days. With the conditions expected to cause havoc on British roads, Green Flag has predicted a breakdown every five seconds will take place across the country as drivers struggle in the cold.

In response to the adverse weather, Green Flag has issued a set of common sense tips on how to drive in snowy and icy conditions for drivers, to encourage them to stay safe on the roads this week. 

Simon Henrick, Head of News at Green Flag, commented: “The return of the cold weather and difficult road conditions may take some drivers by surprise this week. Although we’re heading towards spring, the cold weather isn’t gone yet – so it’s important that drivers do all they can to stay safe.

“By thoroughly checking their cars before they leave home, and approaching the roads with caution, drivers will decrease the risk of encountering a problem on the roads this week.”


Green Flag’s Common Sense Tips On Driving In Cold Weather:

  1. Check your speed and use gentle driver inputs – even if the roads have been gritted they’re likely to be slippery.
  2. Give more warning than usual to other drivers – when turning, stopping or changing lane.
  3. Keep plenty of distance between cars – you never know when you’ll hit an icy patch. If you pass the same landmarks as the car in front of you within three seconds, you’re following too closely.
  4. Check whether your car has ABS anti-lock brakes. In the unlikely event that it doesn’t, pump the brake pedal slowly to prevent the wheels locking up and skidding.
  5. Be extra-wary of black ice. It’s an invisible danger that can catch out even the most careful driver.
  6. Approach corners at a steady speed, in as low a gear as possible. Don’t touch the clutch unless it’s absolutely necessary, steer smoothly and avoid braking on bends.
  7. Make sure all passengers are wearing seat belts.
  8. Ensure you’re familiar with your car’s ventilation system to prevent windows from steaming up. Air conditioning will keep windows free from mist and condensation.



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