Monday, May 16, 2022

New Gym Covid-19 Gloves To Help Fight Coronavirus

The Shield Gloves by Bear Grips are full finger workout gloves that  protect gym goers from germs and bacteria. The Shield Gloves come in various sizes for both men and women and help gyms return back to “normal” with this essential Covid-19 accessory.

The gyms across the country are now open. However, according to a recent report only 44% of gym members have said they will return, with the remaining saying they will not due to the fear of COVID-19. Hundreds of gyms have already closed down for good with thousands of others set to follow if no solution is found. Now, thanks to Bear Grips new Shield Gloves, more members may now return, which will help to combat more business closures in the fitness industry.

With reports that more than 25 strands of  germs can be found at fitness clubs, and with millions affected by Covid, this is a welcome solution.  These new unisex gloves have become a vital piece of safety equipment for gym members.

The new Shield Gloves have been credited for helping to save many gyms, as various states have varying degrees of COVID protocols in place, in fact the Shield Gloves are now being required by some facilities, upgraded from recommended in their COVID protocol.

covid gym glovesBear Grips Shield Gloves have a full finger design, with padded palm for cushioning and touchscreen finger tips for mobile devices and cardio machines for ease of use. Many users have even used Bear Grips Shield gloves outside of the gym at grocery stores, and other public areas. The reusable and washable gloves have a modern design which is a welcome innovation to the fitness industry.

Thousands of gyms have reported they will not open again due to the financial struggles that have been caused by the covid-19 pandemic. Experts upgraded their recommendations from recommended to required for full finger gloves, and Bear Grips Shield Gloves are one of top choices on their list.

Bear Grips have responded by going one step further with their “Profits for Gyms” program. Bear Grips is donating their profits to gym owners to help with the financial burden left on owners and operators by the global pandemic.

To learn more about Bear Grips Shield Gloves visit their product page:


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