Spalding Man Banned For Drink Driving

  • Man who claimed he’d ‘only drunk one can’ banned for drink driving


A Spalding man who claimed he had only one can of beer has been banned from driving.

Edvardas Kratavicius, 26, of Tweed Close appeared at Boston Magistrates court where he admitted driving under the influence of Alcohol.

Prosecuting, Becky Alsopp said Edvardas Kratavicius was seen driving his vehicle on August 15th at 11pm with a defective brake light. When he was pulled over, he was given a beath test by a police officer which he failed. He told the police that he had only consumed one can of beer.

At the police station he gave a sample of 42 microgrammes of alcohol in his breath, the legal limit being 35.

It was revealed in court that Edvardas Kratavicius had a previous drink driving conviction which dates back to 2017.

Mitigating, David Eager said that beers were today much stronger than they had been, and it was possible to be over the limit after a single can of beer.

Edvardas Kratavicius received a driving ban for three years. However, he was offered a drink drivers’ rehabilitation course, and if he accepted then the driving ban would be reduced by 36 weeks.

Kratavicius was also fined £350 and was ordered to pay £120 in court costs and charges.