More than 1,000 sexual attacks against women and girls reported to Lincolnshire Police in just 12 months

Lincolnshire Police need to do more to tackle sexual crime against women

  • Sexual Attacks Against Women In Lincolnshire Is A Serious Problem. 1,125 sexual attacks were reported to police.


There were more than 1,000 sexual attacks reported to Lincolnshire Police in just 12 months. The sexual attacks were against women and girls, showing there is a serious problem in Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire Police need to do more.

In total, 1,125 sexual attacks against women and young girls were reported to Lincolnshire police over a 12-month period.  674 crimes of rape were reported and 451 of sexual assault.

Out f the 1,125 sexual attacks, only 26 offenders were charged with a crime or received a court summons.

These shocking figures come at a time when some women are already scared to walk the streets of Lincolnshire. It will bring them no faith in Lincolnshire Police who are failing to act on the serious problem.

Women around the country who have been sexually assaulted and their offender not been charged or jailed, already feel let down by the police and the courts. These figures in Lincolnshire show that Lincolnshire Police are letting down women and need to do more.

We spoke to 50 women in Boston, Spalding, Scunthorpe, and Skegness who said they were shocked with those figures. They could not believe that so many offences were going unpunished.

Some of those we spoke to said they Marc Jones who is the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire, and Chris Haward the Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police should resign. Others have said they would like an independent investigation of how Lincolnshire Police are dealing with such crimes.

At a time when feelings are running high, and many women believe police forces around the UK are not doing enough, the only conclusion would be an independent investigation.