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What Is The Eagle Sex Position?

What Is The Eagle Sex Position Everyone Is Talking About?

What is the Eagle sex position? Piers Morgan hates Celebrity Love Island, but he’s in the minority. If he watched the ITV show, then he may have learnt a thing or two especially about the Eagle Sex Position.

Celebrity Love Island Curtis Pritchard did his bit for the country by revealing all about the Eagle sex position. The dancer and choreographer confessed that the sex position was his favourite which confused viewers of the show.

Forget Cyber Sex, everyone is now talking about Curtis Pritchard being the new sex education king. Google reported a surge in the number of people searching ‘What Is The Eagle Sex Position’ after AJ Pritchard’s younger brother talked about it on the show. Tens of thousands of people turned to Google to ask what is the Eagle sex position? And even after the show has finished thousands of people are still searching for more information.

Let’s face it, Curtis Pritchard may be a good dancer, but his real input is how he has changed people’s lives by bringing fun to the bedroom.

Many of those who have tried the Eagle sex position have said it’s the best sex they have ever have.


So, what is the Eagle sex position, and how does it work?

What is the eagle sex positionThe eagle position is number 163 in the Kamasutra.

There are different variations. So, for those of you who have been searching for what is the Eagle sex position here are six variations, and don’t worry, you don’t have to dress like an eagle and make bird noises.


The Spread-Eagle Sex Position


The Spread-Eagle sex position is the most common Eagle position. It is very similar to the missionary position which is the most used sex position in the UK. The only real difference between the missionary position and the Eagle position is the position of the legs.

With the Eagle sex position, the person on bottom will do what is known as spreading their wings. This is where they have their legs spread out to the sides.

The person on top will be standing on their knees and holding the legs, this is known as the Captain.


The Exposed Eagle Position


This position is where the man needs to sit on a flat surface which their legs spread wide.

The next step in the Exposed Eagle sex position is for the woman to climb on top where they sit together. This position is called the lotus. The woman then needs to arch backwards and lie on the man’s legs, sounds a bit like yoga but it’s easier than it sounds. The next step is to have the legs on either side of your loved one’s hips, this is done for stability.


The Spread-Eagle Position Is Great Fun.


The soaring eagle position is not for the faint hearted. This one does require a bit of effort, so if you have a bad back then it would be wise to give this one a miss.

The Spread-Eagle position is like auditioning for the Olympics. One person must lie flat on their back and then they need to bend their legs right back and hold them in place. I told you it was an athletic sex position. The next step is when the other person learns across just like they are about to do a push-up.

This position brings lots of pleasure but make sure you start off slow as you could cause a serious injury.


The Reverse Soaring Eagle


The reverse soaring Eagle is just like the Spread-Eagle position. The only real difference is the person on top of their loved one faces the other way.


The Standing Eagle Position

The eagle sex positionThe Standing Eagle is not one of the popular one’s and to be honest that is very understandable.

This position is very tricky. It is normally done against wall, either in the house or outside. It is where each person is stood up and then the woman wraps their legs around the man. It is not the easiest of positions.


The Flying Eagle Position


The flying eagle is where the woman is on top and she holds her arms and flairs them about in the air. Sounds very strange and it is. I really do not see the appeal of this sex position. Out of all the eagle positions, this one is the strangest. If you want to make it even more strange, then why not make some bird sounds.

So, for those that wanted to know what is the Eagle Sex Position, you now know. We would just like to thank Celebrity Love Island Curtis Pritchard on behalf of millions of couples for his introduction to the new position.


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