Thursday, May 19, 2022

Panama Named In The Top Three Places To Retire By International Living

International Living has announced their top ten places to retire for 2018. In that top ten is Panama who came third. Panama Relocation Tours are delighted that Panama has once again been named as one of the top places to retire.

International Living has put together their Top 10 places to retire abroad for 2018. Costa Rica came first but Panama, which has become hugely popular with retirees from the USA came third with many believing it should have come first.

Panama has become a very popular country for retirees with its low cost of living and providing a relaxing and enjoyable lifestyle. With Panama being named yet again as one of the most popular countries to move to, Panama Relocation Tours who offer all-inclusive tours of Panama is expecting even more retirees to move to the popular country.

There are many reasons why Panama has been chosen as one of the best places to move to. Those reasons include low crime, low cost of living, sunny climate, and the great health care that is offered. Panama has become very popular with people living in the United States due to its proximity.

Panama Relocation Tours are helping retirees see how wonderful Panama is. They give people the opportunity to experience what life is really like living in Panama through their all-inclusive tour. Those going on the tour have the chance to meet people who have already moved to Panama and hear of their real experiences and why they decided to make the move.

The new Panama Relocation Tour Dates are as follows

February 24th-March 1st
March 10th-March 15th
April 14th- April 19th
May 12th-May 17th

June 9th-June 14th
July 14th-July 19th
August 4th-August 9th
September 8th-September 13th
October 6th-October 11th

December 1st-December 6th

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