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More Than 400,000 USA Retirees Live Abroad Due To The Increased Cost Of Living

With a report from Medicare in 2017 that more than 7.1 million adults aged 65 and over are living in poverty, it has been revealed that more retirees are leaving the USA to live abroad to reduce their cost of living. One of the top three countries retirees are moving to is Panama due to its low cost of living, health service, and its infrastructure.

The number of retirees who are living in poverty has increased from 4.6 million according to a previous report. This shows the previous government and the current administration has failed to act, forcing some people to leave the USA. The number of people who have moved abroad between 2010 and 2015 has increased by 17 percent, and from now until 2027 many experts believe this will more than double.

According to many publications, Panama is the place for retirees to relocate, in fact, many publications have named Panama in the top three with some publications naming it the number one country to relocate. This has been echoed by Jackie Lange from Panama Relocation Tours, who helps retirees from the USA to move abroad through her all-inclusive relocation tours.

When asked what Panama had to offer and why it had become popular for retirees she explained:

“Panama offers retirees so much. It not only provides a low-cost of living, it also gives retirees a new lease of life, providing them with a new adventure, a more enjoyable way of life and with the growing ex-pat community it also provides new friends.”

The country has become very popular with retirees from the USA as it allows them to live more for less than they could in the U.S. Panama is close to the U.S which means those that move to the popular country can still visit family and friends when they want. As well as being a country that offers a warm, sunny climate, it is also a country that allows retirees to increase their lifestyle for a lot less.

panama retirees

There are many reasons why Panama has become a popular country for retirees, they include:


  1. Property is more affordable
  2. Quality Medical care
  3. No Taxes on Overseas Income
  4. Low Cost of living


“Those that have come on our Panama Relocation Tours and moved to Panama have said how much happier they are since making the move”, explained Jackie Lange.

To learn more about Panama Relocation Tours, and why more people are using the service to see what Panama has to offer, please visit

By Chan Ellis


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