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Melbourne Rental Property Inspection Service Helps People Secure Their Ideal Home

Imagine wanting a new property in Melbourne but not having the time to view properties. Imagine the feeling of losing out on your dream home because you are too busy at work to view the property. Imagine missing out on a viewing because you are on the other side of Melbourne or not even in Melbourne or Australia. Well now, thanks to a new service you don’t have to miss out on your dream home.

Propzee, a company set up by James Bentley provides a professional service where they go to a viewing when people are too busy or are unavailable. This professional service is helping people to get the new home they want.

The property viewing service is not just for those people living in Melbourne, it is also available for those living out of Melbourne and even in another country. So, we decided to get together with James Bentley and find out more about his new property viewing service.


  1. James Bentley, you have set up a new company helping people to secure a new rental property, can you tell me more about the service?

Propzee is a rental inspection service I launched out of frustrations really, to help those like myself who were too busy to attend an inspection due to work or family commitments.

Some properties I missed were being leased before the next viewing so competitive is the Melbourne rental market.

Propzee offers the service of inspecting a property on your behalf and providing them with a detailed report with photos so they can see for themselves if the property would suit their needs and if so, be confident to take the next step if needed.


  1. Why did you decide to set up the new service?

Out of frustration mostly.

Finding a rental property can be so time consuming and I experienced first-hand many problems when it came to inspections. I saw many properties that were ideal for my family but I found a lot of the viewing times clashed, family commitments prevented me from attending, or I was simply unable to attend mid-week inspections due to work.

Also, in some instances where I had to miss initial viewings, when I contacted the agent about further inspections, I was informed the property had already been leased, such was the interest.

I also got frustrated with the property adverts, there was usually too little description and too few photo’s – why did they never show photos of every room?

One night after missing out on yet another viewing due to family commitments I said to my wife “Isn’t there a company that can inspect for us if I give them the address and viewing time we want?” After looking on the web that night my question was answered, there wasn’t and voila! the idea of Propzee was born, a rental inspection service at an affordable rate for anyone and everyone.


  1. What I do not understand is, if someone has made an appointment to view a property then they should make the time to view it, can you explain why people don’t have the time?

It’s not so much that people have booked an appointment and then cancel, its more where either family, work or even social commitments mean a person is unable or unwilling to take the time to attend the inspection, but are still interested in the property and would like someone to inspect it on their behalf and provide a detailed report.

One example we experienced when we were house hunting was we had a friend’s wedding on a Saturday, however this was also a time where we were in the middle of house hunting.

As you could guess, rather than miss out on our friend’s wedding and what turned out to be a fantastic day, we sacrificed the viewing, hoping that the property would still be available and there would be another viewing later in the week.

Another example we found was that come Saturday and Sunday a majority of the inspections all seem to occur around the same late morning slot meaning we physically could not be in 2, 3 even 4 places at once.

Propzee allows anyone to have someone inspect a rental on their behalf, we inform the agent of their details if they desire and we email a comprehensive report with photos within 8 hours of the viewing. So, in most cases that person can make an informed decision that day as to whether that property would suit them.


  1. How has the property rental market grown over the past few years?

Melbourne’s rental market has grown significantly due to several factors.

One being property prices have increased dramatically to buy over the past decade meaning many people have to continue renting as they’re unable to buy.

In addition, with Melbourne being so popular with interstate and international individuals and families this has added to the population and competition in Melbourne.

To add more misery for renters what we’re seeing too is that the number of new rentals on the market is decreasing across Melbourne, with the total number of new rental lettings for the December quarter, 2016 for Metropolitan Melbourne recording a decrease of 3.9 per cent – Victorian State Government, Rental report.

In an ever more competitive rental market where properties are being sought by many it can be hard finding the time to view all the properties a renter is interested in. Yet in today’s current Melbourne rental market speed is of the essence. If you wait too long to view a property, it may be gone.


  1. How fast are rental properties going in Melbourne?

Due to the issues mentioned in my previous answer, it’s got so bad that in some locations around Melbourne, properties can have dozens of people through the door on open day’s and multiple applications may be made. Meaning the property could be leased on its first inspection.

Along with a combination of tenants coming from interstate, internationally, and many locals simply unable to buy a property, many properties that may have struggled in the past to be rented are now being snapped up.


  1. So, basically, if someone does not have the time to view a property, then they have a serious chance of missing out on securing a rental agreement?

Absolutely! I experienced that myself and missed out on homes because we could not make the advertised inspection times.

When you need to find a new rental, researching and inspecting rentals can be really time consuming and frustrating. Only having a limited amount of time to inspect and having to tread over other people inspecting at the same time.

Both agents and landlords simply want their properties leased as soon as possible so will not hang around offering inspections any longer than they have to.

Melbourne Property Viewing

  1. What is the process of using your service?

The process couldn’t be simpler; If you’ve seen a property advertised but you’re unable to attend the viewing for any reason, simply enter the address into the Propzee search field.

Propzee finds that property, along with the upcoming viewing times.

You simply confirm the property is correct one and select the viewing time you want us to attend and make payment, that’s it! The whole process can be completed in under 60 seconds.

All you do then is sit back, relax and enjoy your free time and wait for our detailed inspection report with photo’s to be emailed to you within 8 hours of the inspection.

There’s also an option for Propzee to give your name to the agent. The benefit of this is that if you want to submit an application, the agent has your details on record, so you won’t miss out on that all-important dream rental.


  1. If someone is looking to move to Melbourne and they don’t live in the area or even in the country, could they still use your service?

Most definitely. In fact, this is a perfect service for those moving interstate or internationally to Melbourne. It allows them to have someone inspect on their behalf and have the confidence through our comprehensive report to potentially secure a rental property before they arrive in Melbourne. It also means people wondering what rentals are like in Melbourne could use Propzee to see first-hand what Melbourne rentals are like through our report, as opposed to the sometimes “light” property adverts offered on the internet with few photo’s. In addition, one more advantage is that their names can be given to the agents so they will be on record already, saving valuable time.


  1. You mention on your site that you receive a report, can you explain what is in that report?

The report covers all aspects of the property, both inside and out. So, if there’s a garden, or communal area these will be covered, alongside each and every room within the property.

We rate everything that we can obtain access too as part of the standard inspection, so all fixtures within the property will be looked at such as doors, walls, windows, flooring, along with more specifics for the kitchen and bathroom (table tops, sink, shower etc.)

In addition to this photographs of all rooms will be provided, something that is very rare on most property ad’s. All this emailed to you within 8 hours of the inspection, so you’ll have the report before the day’s out.


To learn more about the property viewing service, please visit




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