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The Best independent Manchester bookshops

If you are looking for the best Independent bookshops in Manchester, then read on. The number of Independent bookshops Manchester has to offer has increased over the years, but that was not always the case.

The digital age hit the bookshop industry hard with more than 7,500 eBooks being sold each day. Bookshops in Manchester, London, Birmingham, and other cities in the UK were forced to close due to the digital age and thanks to Amazon. Now, bookshops in the UK are fighting back.

Richard and Judy recently said on ITV This Morning show that the popularity of books has increased in recent years with more people wanting to buy a physical book instead of an eBook. Richard Madeley said the Coronavirus lockdown has helped increase the number of book sales and said more people want to hold a book and feel a book instead of reading off a screen. Judy Finnigan agreed and said she felt that the book shop industry is on a path of a boom which is great news for all those Manchester bookshops that are independently owned.

Audio books and downloaded book might be convenient but our Manchester Lifestyle team agree with Richard and Judy that there is no better feeling than holding and reading a book. Richard Madeley said with a physical book you can get into the story more and feel you are inside the story which does not happen with a digital download.

The Booksellers Association has hailed the increase in the number of independent book shops in Manchester and the UK. According to the Booksellers Association, the number of independent bookshops in the UK and Ireland has increased for the third consecutive year.

So, with so many Manchester bookshops available, let’s have a look at the best independent bookshops Manchester has to offer.

Best Independent Bookshops in Manchester

Chorlton Bookshop

book shops manchesterChorlton, which was once the home to Cosgrove Hall studios, the makers of Chorlton and The Wheelies has a great family-owned bookshop.

The popular independent Manchester bookshop is ironically named Chorlton bookshop and has been trading for almost four decades. I love Manchester independent bookshops and Chorlton Bookshop is my favourite.  Ironically, I bought one of my first books from the book shop that is located at 508-508 Wilbraham road, Chorlton Cum-Hardy, Manchester.

The Chorlton, Manchester bookstore nearly closed a few years ago which would have been criminal. A bar was proposed next door but due to the popularity of Chorlton Bookshop the local community got together and launched a campaign to save it and they won.

If you are ever in Chorlton, then you really do need to visit the best book shop in Chorlton. It has shelves stacked with high-quality fiction, non-fiction, great classics, and children’s books.

Location – 506-508 Wilbraham Road, M21 9AW


Sharston Books

second books manchesterThis Manchester bookshop is independently owned and has been in business for more than 20 years. It is located on an industrial estate in Shartson and is well worth a visit.

Sharston Books may not seem much from the outside but looks are deceiving. When you walk through the front door it is like walking through the doors of a Tardis. Every part of Sharston Books is filled with books. According to the owner of the Manchester Bookshop, they have more than one million books.

The Manchester independent bookshop is located at Unit 15, Wearlee, Sharston, M22 4WT


Didsbury Village Bookshop

second hand bookstores manchester Didsbury which is very popular with students has a great bookshop which is tucked away at the back of The Art of Tea Café.

This bookshop is open seven days a week which is very unusual. Most bookshops in Manchester are either open five or six days a week.

Didsbury Village Bookshop is very popular with students and those living in and around Didsbury, Manchester. Its stocks thousands of books and sells classic literature, art, and philosophy.

The Manchester independent book shop is located at 47 Barlow Moor Road, Didsbury, M20 6TW


Vinyl Fiction

comic book shop manchesterOut of all the bookshops in Manchester, Vinyl Fiction is one of my favourites. It has only been open for a few years but already it has become very popular with book lovers.

Vinyl Fiction as the name may suggest combines music with literature. They sell a wide range of books and music and are well-known for supporting independent publishers.

Vinyl Fiction is located at 103 Manchester Road, M21 9GA


EJ Morten Booksellers

book shops manchester city centre EJ Morten Booksellers is another popular Manchester bookstore that is located just off the main road running through Didsbury Village.

The book shop is over 60 years old and sells non-fiction and fiction books across a wide range of genres. They have a bargain book table and a special section for children’s books.

If you are look for a bargain, then this second-hand Manchester bookshop is the place to visit.

EJ Morten Booksellers is located at 6 Warburton Street, Didsbury, M20 6WA


Paramount Books

manchester university bookstoreThis owned book shop in Manchester is a family-owned business that has been operating since the 1960s. The Manchester second-hand bookstore is also a comic shop that is located on Shudehill opposite the Manchester Arndale.

Out of all the independent book shops in Manchester, this one is one of the most popular and one that is always filled with customers.

It is located at 25-27 Shudehill, M4 2AF


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