Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Manchester Pride parade cancelled over Covid safety concerns

One of the biggest events in Manchester has sadly been cancelled. Just when we thought things were moving forward for the better with Freedom Day just past, we have to bring you the news that Manchester Pride’s Parade has been cancelled.

Manchester Pride Parade has been cancelled after concerns were raised that it could not run safely in accordance with Covid rules.

The annual Manchester Pride Parade was due to take place on 28th August, where it would have brought Manchester alive with floats and performers.

A statement was issued by Manchester Pride (MP) which said guidelines for large-scale events meant bringing thousands of people together was not “the right thing to do just now”.

It said five “Equality Marches”, each with a maximum of 400 participants, would take place instead.

Organisers of Manchester Pride has been in discussions with the best way to deliver the parade safely. However, after a meeting took place on Wednesday to look at all the options available, the organises admitted defeat.

They explained it could not be possible to hold the much-loved Manchester Parade in 2021 due to the guidelines in place.

They said MP had a “duty of care to our staff and our audiences” and it was “not possible” to follow the guidelines “when bringing hundreds of thousands of people together in Manchester city centre”, adding: “We do not feel this is the right thing to do just now.”

They added that the “Equality Marches” would still allow people to “take part in a way which feels comfortable and safe for all participants”.

Although Manchester Pride organisers understand that this will bring huge disappointment, they did say the full details of the wider Pride Live festival, which is due to take place from 27 to 30 August would be released soon.



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