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How To Apply for love island

Love Island has become a big hit for ITV with millions of men and women wanting to know how to apply for love island to become the next big reality star.

ITV Love Island is full of glamour, friction, and sex appeal, making it compelling viewing. However, with the loss of Caroline Flack the winter Love Island has been a disappointed.  

Winter Love Island was expected to be a huge hit for ITV, a follow on from their summer Love Island but sadly it has not worked out that way. Many newspapers have reported that the loss of Caroline Flack was a huge mistake which was backed up by Love Island fans. We must agree.

Even though the Winter Love Island has been disappointing, the stars on the show will go on to earn some serious money. Forget about finding love on Love Island. Let’s face it, relationships last two minutes once they leave the show. The real appeal for applying for love Island is the money.

Love Island has become the quickest way to become famous and make some serious money. Who said people are fickle?

So, if you are not bothered about finding love, and want to be the next Katie Price, and become a big reality star or become a presenter on This Morning, learn how to apply for Love Island.


How To Apply For Love Island


To apply for Love Island, you need to visit the ITV2 website. To appear on the show and spend time in the luxury villa you need to be vibrant, single, and looking for love according to the producers of Love Island.


How to get a place on Love Island


You must be looking for love

how to apply for uk Love IslandThe producers of Love Island have said they are looking for people who want to find love, but as we know, most people who apply for Love Island are only interested in fame and money. But if you can convince Love Island producers that you are looking for love then you are on your way to staying in the luxury villa.


Make a video that stands out

uk love island applicationsApplying for Love Island is not just about filling out a form, its more than that. To apply for love Island and be successful you must show the producers of the ITV2 that you stand out.

Every Love Island contestant must make a video of themselves that shows the producers that they stand out. You have about one minute to show the producers of the show that you are what they are looking for.

So, if you want to apply for Love Island, then you need to make a video that shows your positive side. Think out of the box, don’t just say my name is, and I want to apply for Love Island because, you must do more than that.

Laura Whitmore decided when she applied for Love Island that she would film different parts of her day in Dubai, which included her working as an air hostess. She also filmed herself doing a workout session on the beach and in the gym.

It is important to remember that you only have one minute, so try and make that one-minute video count.


Love Island producers want to know about your achievements

how to apply for love islandThe X Factor show always love a sob story that grabs viewers hearts, well, Love Island viewers want to know about the contestant’s achievements and so do the producers.

So, if you want to apply for Love Island, then tell the producers of the show about your achievements. Connor from Love Island put down on his application about working as a butler in the buff. Paige mentioned that she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, and of course the bit one for her was dating Lewis Capaldi.


Increase your Instagram following

itv 2 contenstantsLove Island is all about viewing figures and if the contestants have a large social media following then that is going to transfer into viewers. So, if you have an Instagram account then before applying to be a Love Island contestant, try and increase your Instagram followers.

Producers will check your Instagram account, and if your Instagram account is not showing much activity then you will not be selected.

So, before applying for Love Island UK, work hard on your Instagram account, post lots of images and videos and make yourself stand out.


Don’t copy previous contestants

find love with itv2The producers of Love Island and the viewers of Love Island don’t want you to be like previous contestants. It’s important that you are yourself and you stand out. One of the biggest mistakes according to producers of the show is people trying to pretend that are just like previous contestants.

An insider at Love Island told In2town Lifestyle Magazine that those looking how to apply for Love Island as a contestant should first look at themselves to see if they are unique, interesting, and best of all if they have a celebrity connection.

So, if you want to know how to apply for Love Island, follow our advice above and remember, you must be over 18, have a valid passport, and convince the producers of the show you are looking for love and are unique.



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