Sunday, February 25, 2024

Elite candidates sought for the Sport Liverpool Board

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A search is under way to appoint experts who can play a pivotal role in securing major sporting events for the Liverpool City Region.

Following success in securing host city status for the UK and Ireland UEFA EURO 2028 men’s football championships, as well as staging the World Gymnastics Championships 2022, and the Netball World Cup in 2019, the hunt is on for a new Chair and members of the Sport Liverpool Board.

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Now in its second term, the board is keen to refresh its membership, to advise, inform and make recommendations to the Local Visitor Economy Partnership Board (LVEP) and the six boroughs that make up the Liverpool City Region, to drive the delivery of the city region’s major sports event strategy.

One of the key responsibilities is to oversee activity around events which take place in the city, ensuring there’s a boost to the local economy and civic pride.

Ensuring the involvement of the city region’s residents, regardless of their age, background, or disability, is key, as well as making sure the events are sustainable and leave a legacy for future generations.

Candidates should ideally have significant experience of working in the sporting sector and have previously worked at a strategic leadership level. As part of the role the successful individuals will be expected to attend board meetings, events and be a spokesperson in the run up to major events.

Experience in areas such as sports event bidding, sponsorship, commercial and grant funding, social impacts, marketing, media and PR, and national or international governing bodies is particularly welcomed.

The Board would also like to recruit an athlete voice, and would welcome current or former sportspeople who can provide relevant experience.

The Board is particularly keen to receive applications from people with disabilities, people with ethnically diverse backgrounds and people from the LGBTQ+ community.

The successful applicants will receive expenses, but not an allowance, or remuneration.

More information can be found at The closing date is Sunday 25 February.

Liverpool City Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture, Councillor Harry Doyle, said: “Liverpool City Region is synonymous with sport, ranging from the three football clubs, being home to Open Championship golf courses and the world’s leading steeplechase at Aintree, or for hosting boxing, gymnastics and netball competitions.

“We already have a proud history of hosting incredible sporting events which have come to the city, but we are always wanting to up our game and reach the next level.

“The Sport Liverpool Board is dedicated to looking out for the next major event that is going to shine a spotlight on the region, boost the local economy, attract visitors and support future generations of sports stars.

“If you have the relevant expertise, along with a love and affinity for Liverpool, please get in touch to express interest.”

Outgoing Chair of the Sport Liverpool Board, Brian Barwick OBE, said: “It is very rewarding as a Sport Liverpool Board member to try and secure major international, national and regional sporting events for the city and the surrounding region.

“Our area is renowned for staging great sporting occasions – and delivers them in a first-class manner. They make lifetime memories for participants and spectators alike.”

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