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8 Reasons Lincolnshire is the best place to live in the UK

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When people ask me where I live and I say Lincolnshire, they either mention its full of farmers or it’s the home of the RAF. But, as we all know, Lincolnshire is more than that.

A lot of people do ask me why I love living in Lincolnshire, so I thought I would put together my reasons why I think Lincolnshire is the best place to live in the UK

Here are the reasons why Lincolnshire is the best place to live in the UK:


  1. Beautiful landscape

Lincolnshire for me is one of the most beautiful places in the UK. It is filled with wonderful countryside as well as miles of golden sandy beaches. No matter if you live in Lincoln, or Boston, you are a short drive from the countryside and the seaside.

For me, Lincolnshire is not only beautiful, but also a place that allows you to relax.

  1. Food

I do love my food as my waistline will show. Lincolnshire has some of the best restaurants in the UK. It is not just down to the chefs, although they are talented. Another reason why our restaurants can provide such high-quality food is down to having fresh local suppliers. With Grimsby fish on our doorstep, and all the great farms, our chefs have a vast supply of fresh quality food to work their magic on.


  1. Lincolnshire people are friendly

The people in Lincolnshire are friendly. No matter where you are, people will talk to you and say hello to you. It is not like London where you try and speak to someone, and they look at you like you are from another planet.

I visited London and said good morning to someone I passed, they looked at me as if it was the strangest thing anyone has ever done to them. But, in Lincolnshire we are all a friendly bunch.

  1. Wildlife

lincolnshire the best place to live

If you love wildlife, then you will love Lincolnshire We have so many places you can visit to see so many different types of wildlife. One of my favourite places is Gibraltar Point in Skegness.

In Lincolnshire we have everything from seals who give birth near the sand dunes at Donna Nook National Nature Reserve, to deer’s roaming around the countryside.

  1. Thriving economy

Lincolnshire has a thriving economy. We are the capital of the caravan parks, as well as having some of the best farms in the UK. We also have some big named companies that come to Lincolnshire and set up shop, and not forgetting, Lincolnshire is home to the first Butlin’s holiday camp in Skegness.

  1. There is Something for everyone

Skegness Beach Race

Lincolnshire is a fun place to live. It has something for everyone. If you just want to relax then there are lots of places you can go to unwind, but if you want to party then it also offers that too.

We have wonderful beaches, great countryside, top nightclubs, brilliant nightlife, and loads of things to do for all the family. What Lincolnshire hasn’t got; you won’t need.

  1. Aviation heritage

Lincolnshire is home to the Red Arrows, and we are all proud of that fact. It is also come to a number of RAF stations including RAF Coningsby.

One important fact, and something we can also be proud of is, Lincolnshire is home to the 617 Squadron who flew the legendary Dambusters’ raid.

  1. A more relaxed way of life

One thing that Lincolnshire is known for, and that is providing people with a gentle pace of life. With its rural charm, it provides people with a better quality of life and a more relaxed way to live.

A lot of people who work in London choose to live in Lincolnshire because they want to live in a more peaceful setting after a hard day or week at work

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