Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Zack Skyes introducing new studio release

Zack Skyes is back on the scene with a brand new studio release, Life. This project sets the bar higher in terms of creativity and innovation, revealing the artist’s passion for creating exciting and one-of-a-kind music. One of the key factor of this release is definitely its stylistic diversity.

This is forward-thinking music with a lot of intensity, inspired by genres such as alternative rock, metalcore, and more. Today, genre definitions do not matter as much as they used to be, and it really doesn’t make much sense for a musical artist to be so orthodox when it comes to creating excellent songs. This is the reason why an artist like Zack is particularly inspiring. This new release highlights the artist’s creative vision, as well as the ability to create such a diverse and engaging soundscape.

What I love about this release is definitely the fact that Zack’s music is melodic and energetic, but also incredibly up-front and aggressive, making for a distinctive and one-of-a-kind feel. The album features 8 songs, and each track actually brings something quite different to the table. From the darkness of the concise opening track, down to the intricate sonic landscapes of Lucifer, anything goes. This album is sonically interesting, and it reveals Zack’s charismatic attitude as a songwriter and artist, blurring the lines between various styles and approaching the genre without the usual limitations.

Ultimately, I would definitely recommend listening to this release, even more so if you do like the work of influential artists such as Chiodos, Saosin, and Silverstein, among others. Zack shines for his ability to create something special, and the sonic landscape of this release speaks for itself.

Find out more about Zack Skyes, and do not miss out on this brand new release, which is currently available on the web.






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