Saturday, May 28, 2022

XFactor Nicole Scherzinger Not Happy Over Cheryl Cole Return

A source at the X Factor studios told In2town, “Nicole Scherzinger would welcome Cheryl Cole back with open arms but what she is not happy about is reports that Cheryl Cole would take her place.”

Cheryl Cole has made no statement about returning to the 2014 X Factor show but some at ITV are saying it will happen with Simon Cowell saying he will pay her whatever she wants to become a judge on the show.

It is not just Nicole who is angry that she would lose her place if Cheryl Cole returned to the X Factor, fans of the failing talent show (We say talent show loosely) have said they do not want Nicole to go anywhere and would prefer her to stay than Cheryl Cole return.


In2town asked 100 X Factor fans and trust me, with the show becoming less of a talent show and more of a joke it was hard to find 100 fans, if they would prefer Cheryl Cole as a judge on the X Factor show or Nicole Scherzinger, our results are below.

78% said they would prefer Nicole Scherzinger as a judge on the X Factor

22% said they would prefer Cheryl Cole

However, 52% of X Factor fans we asked said they would like to see both girls on the show as judges.

It seems that Simon Cowell if the stories are true that he would ditch Nicole for Cheryl Cole would be making a huge mistake. What Simon Cowell does not understand is, not only does Nicole work harder than any other judge in the history of the show, she is also the most popular judge on the UK X factor reality show.


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