Wednesday, May 25, 2022

X Marcus Collins Said Little Mix Were Amazing

X Factor runner up Marcus Collins may not have won the show but according to X Factor judge Gary Barlow, the Liverpool singer has a huge future in front of him.

The former Liverpool hairdresser shown that his nice guy image is not just for show by congratulating Little Mix and saying they are amazing.

Marcus Collins told X Factor host Dermot O’Leary that he was really proud of himself for everything that he has achieved on the show and said the girls deserved to win because they were amazing.

He later told Caroline Flack on the Xtra Factor show

“I’m so proud of these girls, they worked so hard.

“I’m proud of myself too, I really enjoyed the experience.”

Marcus was asked if the girls had that little extra edge than him in the final and he replied:

I think they’re just so talented; it was a matter of time before a girl band won, it’s what the show needed and I’m really proud of them.”

Gary Barlow said Marcus Collins was a joy to work
”It’s been such a pleasure, especially my first year on the show to have someone so nice.

He’s been no problem at all – until about five o clock on a Saturday!”

“He used to fall to pieces, coming in crying, all sorts. I used to  go ‘pull yourself together man.”

Gary said that he will help Marcus with his career and make sure that he works with the right sort of people

“I’m going to make sure he gets the right label, the right deal, the right songwriters, the right album. I want to make sure this lad is really taken care of, because he has been a pleasure to work with,”


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