Saturday, May 28, 2022

X Factor Nicole Scherzinger Denies Cheating On Lewis Hamilton

X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger reputation has hit the skids and it could also mean the end of her relationship with Lewis Hamilton after she was accused of cheating on her long term boyfriend with Chris Brown.

X17online published pictures of Chris Brown and Nicole Scherzinger which apparently show the couple getting on a bit too well at a Los Angeles nightclub called Supperclub. According to witnesses, the pair locked lips which will not be great news for Lewis Hamilton.

‘Did X Factor Judge Nicole Scherzinger Cheat OOn Lewis Hamilton?’

A source claimed: “They were dancing close for a while and being all touchy-feely and finally Chris leaned into her,”

“She put her head on his shoulder and they started kissing! I couldn’t believe Chris was being so obvious about it!”

Nicole Scherzinger quickly tried to put a stop to the rumours by claiming she and singer Chris Brown were just good friends but witnesses to the event claim the X Factor judge was displaying more than being just good friends.

A spokesman for Nicole Scherzinger told RumorFix: “There is absolutely no truth to the ridiculous story regarding Nicole and Chris Brown,”

“The photos that have surfaced are of old friends who were trying to talk at a very loud club. I guarantee there will be no photos of them kissing. This is a non-story.”

Brown’s rep added: “No story here. They were not kissing. They are friends, and have been for years. They were talking at a club that was playing loud music.”

So what is the truth, did the X Factor judge get a bit naughty with Chris Brown or was it all innocent? Whatever the case maybe, it may put a huge strain on her relationship with racing driver Lewis Hamilton who will be asking himself a number of questions on what really happened.


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