Saturday, May 28, 2022

X Factor Judge Simon Cowell Will Not Be At Babies Birth

Simon Cowell Will Not Be At The Birth With Lauren Silverman


Simon Cowell has revealed he will not be at the babies birth when his girlfriend Lauren Silverman goes into labour.

The X Factor judge has said, there are things that a man should see and things a man shouldn’t see and a woman giving birth is one of those things that you shouldn’t see.

His remarks have upset some women who have said every man should be at their wives and partners side when they are giving birth, but it seems Simon Cowell does not agree.

Simon Cowell who has said he wants his baby boy to have a British accent has dropped the biggest hint yet that he plans to ask Lauren Silverman to marry him.

A source close to Simon Cowell told In2town Lifestyle News last month that Simon Cowell is old fashioned and would not let a baby of his come into this world out of a marriage, it seems our source is right as Simon Cowell is dropping hints left right and centre that he plans to get married, however it is not clear if the marriage will happen before the birth or after the birth.

Reports have suggested that Simon Cowell plans for the baby to be born in the UK.


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