Wednesday, May 25, 2022

X Factor Judge Nicole Scherzinger Delayed Filming For Love Life

It seems X Factor bosses are bending over backwards to keep X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger happy. The sexy X Factor judge missed her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton so much she asked the producers to delay filming at the judge’s houses stage for 24 hours so she would go and spend some quality time with him.

Nicole Scherzinger who has been dating Lewis Hamilton since 2008, asked X Factor producers if it was possible to delay the judges houses section of the show for 24 hours so she could go and visit her Formula One boyfriend, according to sources on the show she used all of her charm and when that failed she started to beg which eventually worked.

A source told The Sun: “Nicole begged for some quality time with Lewis, It meant she had to step off an overnight plane and begin shooting straight away.

‘X Factor Judge Begged For Time With Lewis Hamilton’

“She must have been exhausted but she felt it was worth it to spend just a few hours with her man. They’re obviously very much loved up once more.”

If Nicole Scherzinger does not impress the X Factor audience and Simon Cowell during the lives stages then this could be her last year, especially with Simon Cowell and ITV trying to tempt Mel B to be a judge on next year’s X Factor show.


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