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Wine Tasting Experiences in Rome – More than just Historic Monuments

Rome is probably one of the most fascinating and enchanting cities on earth. Typically known and visited for its historic monuments, art and culture, Rome has so much more to offer in their fine wine and food experiences. Hidden away in the city or a journey a little distance out of the border, you can escape the hustle and bustle of Rome which at times can get rather overwhelming and relax with some fantastic wines. From wine regions just outside of Rome to luxurious hotels in Rome’s city centre not far from its iconic landmarks, take time out to experience another one of Italy’s highlights, their wine and cuisine.

I have listed below a few different wine experiences for a variety of taste buds and interests. Some focus mainly on the wine tasting and others incorporate what Rome is famous for, history, art and culture. A trip to Rome wouldn’t be complete without a taste of real Italy.

Caravaggio and Wine Tasting Tour

This fantastic tour covers wine, food and art all in one experience. The Caravaggio and wine tasting tour is one of Rome’s newest and incorporates the three pillars of Italian civilisation of food, art and wine. Your guide will go with you and take you to visit churches and squares where you can see some of the legendary masterpieces of Caravaggio and Bernini. Walk through graceful neighbourhoods around the famous romantic spot of the Spanish Steps. Once you have learnt all about the interesting theories and admired stunning churches and monuments and Caravaggio paintings, you have the opportunity to relax at a wine bar. So whether you are a fellow art lover and want to meet people with the same passion as you or you simply want to learn more about another side to Rome’s history whilst enjoying fine wine, this wine tasting tour is fantastic!

Vino Roma


Vino Roma is a wine studio located in the centre of Rome, not far away from one of the city’s main highlights, the Colosseum. The Vino Roma experience allows you to learn everything there is to know about Italian wines, with different types of tastings and seminars to choose from. You will get the opportunity to enjoy some of your favourite wines from different Italian regions, as well as trying and being introduced to new ones.

So after a the busy days of sightseeing and enjoying Rome’s lifestyle, take some time out and relax at Vino Roma. A nice treat after all the sightseeing! And what’s great about this experience is you don’t go from bar to bar trying the wines. Enjoy all from the comfort of one spot!

Frascati Wine Tasting Tour – From Rome

Wine tours to the Frascati region can take you to some of the most beautiful and oldest wine-producing estates. Learn all about the history of ancient Rome’s wine and experience the serenity of the olive groves and vineyards.

The scenic journey out of Rome will take you to the vineyards which reach 200 acres and amongst them contain 17th century architecture. This is a perfect day to venture out of the hustle and bustle of Rome and get a taste of Italy’s wine region. Accompanying you on your wine tasting tour will be a knowledgeable and expert guide that can educate you on all the local wine and wine producing methods from the ancient techniques to the modern day.

This is probably one of my favourite wine tasting tours because of the experience. This tour has magnificent highlights from the scenic journey out of Rome into the wine region, the beautiful surroundings, the real history learnt and the chance to leave the city and see another part of Italy. This isn’t something you would think of experiencing on your Rome city break.

Roscioli Restaurant

The Roscioli restaurant is not far from the Campo de’ Fiori and Piazza Navona and has its own private tasting room and wine tasting experiences. It’s at the Roscioli you can find the widest range of cheese, salami and wine in the country with 450 different cheeses, more than 100 different kinds of cured meat, 2600 different labels of wine and 20 types of homemade bread. If this wasn’t spectacular enough, Roscioli has a large team made up of expert wine stewards and chefs. Even though the Roscioli gives of the vibe that it is, professional, it has a friendly and casual atmosphere. More than just a wine tasting lesson, people come together and talk like friends and discuss the things they enjoy the most, wine tasting. Great place to make new friends on the way and like the Vino Roma, a great wine tasting experience from one convenient place.

Author Bio: Christina is an Italy enthusiast and is enjoying making her way around Italy. She is looking forward to exploring more on her next Rome Holiday. Freelance writer and avid travel blogger, she loves finding great holiday destinations and researching online for the best travel deals.


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