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What Are The Benefits Of Moving To Panama

The Beneifts Of Moving To Panama


Panama has become a popular place for people who are retired or heading for retirement age to move to. Many expats have called Panama the new Spain, so why are people moving to Panama and what are the benefits of leaving home to move to Panama? We decided to speak to Jackie Lange from Panama Relocation Tours to find out the answer.

Jackie Lange who helps people to thinking of moving to Panama to see what is really on offer through her Relocation Tours has said she has seen a huge increase in people moving to the popular country from the USA and the UK. According to the Panama expert, people are fed up of not getting more for their money and want to enjoy their retirement in a country that can offer them a better way of life while at the same time giving them a new adventure.

According to the owner of Panama Relocation Tours, the five top reasons why people move to Panama is as follows:


  1. Expat-Friendly Population. – Panama attracts people from all over the world including the USA, The UK, Canada, and Australia. The country is known for its friendly local and expat community, helping people to quickly feel at home while making great friends.
  2. Robust Economy. – Panama has a thriving and robust economy with a low rate of unemployment. This thriving economy provides people moving to Panama with many wonderful financial opportunities.
  3. Great Beaches. – Panama has some of the most amazing beaches in the world, providing visitors and residents with wonderful locations to relax and spend quality time with their family and friends.
  4. Low Crime Rate. – It is no secret that the USA has a high crime rate, making people of all ages feeling concerned about their safety. However, Panama is a safe country to visit and live in, allowing people to move around freely without the fear of crime.
  5. Low-cost of living. – One of the reasons why Panama has become so popular with retirees is down to the low cost of living it provides. People can buy bigger and nicer properties for a lot less than they could in America. With a lower cost of living people have more money to spend on luxuries as well as entertainment including eating out.


It is simple to see why Panama is attracting so many people looking for a better way of life. With so much uncertainty in the world and with the cost of living increasing, Panama is offering those looking to a retire a lifestyle they deserve after working hard all their life. Although Panama is known for attracting people from the USA for a better way of life, but with Spain becoming more expensive, Panama is now attracting a lot of people from the UK





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