Thursday, May 19, 2022

Weight Loss Hypnosis Helps Woman Lose Three Stone


A 56-year-old Essex woman who struggled with her weight lost 3 stone thanks to Weight Loss Hypnosis. Suzie Gibbs tried Weight Loss Hypnosis after failing to lose weight through diets and found to her amazement that she lost an incredible 3 stone.


Suzie Gibbs a rail announcer who lives in Southend, Essex was like many women who tried a number of traditional diets but failed to lose the weight and keep the weight off.


After learning about Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, Suzie decided to give it a go and was over the moon with the success after reducing her dress size from a size 22 to a size 14.


Suzie who had tried everything to lose weight without any real success said she was hypnotised into imagining that she was exercising in her sleep as part of the weight loss hypnosis procedure.


“It sounded a bit weird but to be honest I was desperate within a week I’d lost a pound and I carried on gradually losing weight. My muscles felt more toned and tight all over,” she said


“Within a few months I actually wanted to work out during my daytime hours – something I’d never felt before in my entire life. I took up walking, cycling and joined a gym,” she added.


“I do watch what I eat, but exercise has been the biggest factor in the changes I’ve seen in my body. It’s truly astonishing and I’m thrilled with the results” she said.


Suzie said she was over the moon with her new figure and wants women just like her to have the same success.


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