Thursday, May 19, 2022

Virgin Atlantic Put British Airways To Shame

In2town Lifestyle Magazine reported how an overweight man was refused with his family to fly on a British Airways flight which left the passenger stranded in the US.

The passenger who had been staying in Chicago receiving medical treatment was shocked to be told by British Airways that he was to heavy to be allowed on their flight, this left the passenger worried that he would not get back home to France, however, Virgin Atlantic have come to the rescue.

Kevin Chenais, 35, was very distressed when British Airways told him he could not fly with them even though he had a ticket with the airline. He tried in vain to get British Airways to change their mind but the airline was not interested which left him stranded in the US.

Virgin Atlantic who heard about the news and were as shocked as Kevin Chenais decided to help out and offer him a flight to London where he would then be able to make his way back to France.

By Diane Walker


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