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Travel and Adventure Photographer Ishita Dharnidharka Sees a Changing World through Her Lens

                    Ishita Dharnidharka’s photography brings your imaginations into being”

A young photographer with a keen interest in travel and adventure photography is currently making waves in the industry little wonder she is been called the “fearless one” Ishita Dharnidharka doesn’t seem to fear anything. Originally from Mumbai, currently based in her home country India, Ishita spends most of her time focusing on her work and searching for new inspiration and experience.

Travel and Adventure Photographer


For the past few years, Ishita Dharnidharka whose travel, adventure and lifestyle photographs have gone viral and at the same time gaining her countless of fans all across the globe has lived her life as a creative nomad — capturing stunning scenes in corners of the world most people will never see. Her photography portfolios are second to none a de facto of professional standard.

With 30 countries’ stamps on her passport and still counting she spends more than half her time on the road. Her constant companion is her camera, which captures striking portraits and landscapes teeming with flora and fauna. But whether she’s documenting one of the last mountain climber or a kiteboarder shredding in blue-ocean waves above a dense coral reef or otherworldly glacial peaks — she knows that all of them are in peril.

When asked about where she draws her motivation, Ishita fondly smiled and said “My professional interest in photography began in 2014 when I went on my first trek to Everest Base Camp. Ever since then I’ve been enamoured by both the Himalayas and the art of photography”. I started posting pictures from my travels and adventures, and over the years have grown to over 70,000 followers on Instagram”. She added.

holiday photographer


Ishita Dharnidharka photography style shows beautiful detailed still-lives, emits distinctive emotive influence over the viewer, kidnapping their senses and whisking one’s imagination into dreamlike realms. It includes works in food, fashion, travel, lifestyle and adventure showcasing beautiful portraits, large-scale colorful black and white works.

indian photographer


The Indian based photographer has her roots in Mumbai a beautiful and densely populated city on India’s west coast. Looking at the fact that Ishita has held extensive photo shoots that paved the way for varied media coverage for her work, she now seems to be a force to reckon with in the industry for many years to come. This notable achievement so far for Ishita and her team simply portrays the fact that her career as a photographer is at its prime. Ishita Dharnidharka is stepping up the career goals in the Photography world and she is not looking back. 

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