The Creator Of Miss Daisy Wiggles Books Speaks To In2town About Her Popular Children’s Books

It is so important to encourage children the joy of reading, to allow them to continue reading into adult life. Some people say books are dying out and the art of reading and writing could be a thing of the past thanks to modern technology. That is why many celebrities have supported campaigns to encourage parents to spend time with their young children, reading to them and encouraging them to read.


One set of books that is helping children and parents spend quality time together and to encourage children to read, is the Daisy Wiggles Books. So we decided to get together with Donna Schuchman, the publisher and creator of the Daisy Wiggles Books, and learn more about the books.

Who is Miss Daisy Wiggles.


Daisy is a Boxer who was born March 15 2008 along with her littermate Onslow.  I’ve had them both since they were 6 weeks old.



Where do you get your characters or ideas for your books?


Every character is based on a real animal or person.  My Dolly Girl was a Bulldog who acted like a cat. We called Here Kitty Kitty and she came.  She even played with string.  She was my inspiration for The Dog Who Was a Cat.  J.I. Joe the Eagle is based on my dad. He was in the Army and he was my inspiration for the book My Hero.  And then there’s Daisy and Onslow, two of the most lovable dogs you could ever know.


Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing? 

Because the Miss Daisy Wiggles collection of books are beginning readers written for preschoolers through grade level one, the vocabulary used is vetted by early-learning specialists and limited.  You would think that telling a story at this reading level would be easy for an adult, it isn’t.  Sometimes it can take me days to come up with the correct words to describe what is happening on a particular page using less than 5 sentences and the appropriate grade level.


How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

Currently there are 6 books not counting the personalized Hide and Seek books.  There are 80 books available that are personalized with the child’s name playing Hide and Seek with Daisy and Onslow.  My favorite is My Hero.  I have incorporated all of the animal mascots for our Military, police and firemen. It is still a reader so nothing is mentioned regarding any wars or fighting.


Can you tell us about the personalized books?

Nothing will encourage a new reader more than to read a book about themselves interacting with the characters in these wonderful books.  The readers name is in the title and threw out the book. They can also see their legs peeking out from different hiding places.


How long does it take you to write a book?

Each book took me 6 to 8 weeks to complete.  Of course this doesn’t apply to the Hide and Seek collection.  When adding a new name it takes 7 to 10 days to create a new cover, change the name in the body of the books and proof the results to make it available.


What are your current projects? 

The book I’m currently working on is called “Stop That Butter”


Oh, no… Butter is in trouble again.  Miss Harley yells “stop that Butter” but that doesn’t stop her from making a mess.  Butter is bored and can’t sit still.  She got her head stuck everywhere;  in the toilet bowl, in the watering can and even in a cake box.  She’s sorry for making a mess boys and girls, so let’s help her clean it up.



Where can we find your books.


Any retail book store can order the Miss Daisy Wiggles collection from Ingram.


Any School or library can order the Miss Daisy Wiggles collection from Baker and Taylor


Who is the illustrator of your book?

I do all of the illustrations myself.  This isn’t hard to do since I have my “models” running around the house all day.  The downside to doing all of my own illustrations is that I have all of the images in my head and this makes it almost impossible to outsource any work.


Who designed the covers and Logo? 


I designed the cover, front and back.The logo is a picture of my Miss Daisy in glasses.


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