Saturday, May 28, 2022

Tenerife Holiday Makers Angry Over 50 Hour Flight Delay

The last thing you want when you have enjoyed your holiday in Tenerife is for something to go wrong on the way home, but unfortunately for 150 holidaymakers that is exactly what happened.

One hundred and fifty holidaymakers who had enjoyed their holiday in Tenerife were left stranded in Tenerife for over 50 hours due to a technical problem with their plane. The passengers were due to fly back to Birmingham Airport at when a problem was found with their flight.

Airline crew on aeroplane that was being operated on behalf of Monarch by Air Aurel found a fault with the door hatch and while engineers worked to fix the fault the passengers were put up in a hotel.

A replacement plane had to be sent out leaving the passengers with a 50 hour delay and some passengers angry over the whole affair.

One passenger said he would never fly with the airline again while another passenger said he could not understand why the replacement plane could not have been flown out straight away.

Monarch apologised for the inconvenience to its passengers and gave each passenger £100 to compensate them as well as a £100 flight voucher.

A statement issued by Monarch said: “After a thorough investigation throughout the night leading into Sunday 19th August, spares were required and located in the UK. However by this time all available flights to Tenerife had departed.

“Accordingly passengers were given an additional night’s accommodation at a local hotel and given full welfare including refreshments, food and a phone call.

“Monarch apologise to all passengers for any upset and inconvenience.”


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