Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Stunning Pippa Middleton Goes On A Date With Former Boyfriend

Pippa Middleton has become the rose of the United Kingdom with many a man wishing that the sexy sister of Kate Middleton was their girlfriend for just one night. Amazingly enough, Pippa Middleton is single but for how long remains to be seen.

The sexy sister in law to the future king of England has left her fans wondering if she will be single for much longer after she was spotted having an intimate dinner with her ex-boyfriend JJ Jardine-Paterson at a luxurious hotel.

The couple dated for three years while studying at Edinburgh University and some friends thought the couple would end up getting married but it wasn’t to be. But now with the couple sharing a dinner together at the Crown Hotel in Woodbridge, Suffolk, some friends believe the romance could be back on.

Pippa, 28 recently split from her long term boyfriend Alex London which could leave the door firmly open for her and JJ to get back together.


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