Speaker, Author, & TV Talk Show Host Noreen N Henry Impacts the Globe with Victorious Living Culture

Who is Noreen N. Henry?

Noreen N. Henry’s native residence is London, England, and she migrated to the States in her late teens.  She came from humble beginnings in a small town in East London and has progressed so much so that she was graced to be on a billboard on Broadway, in Times Square, New York City.  She never dreamed she would be on a billboard, let alone in the heart of NYC.  Noreen is a Victorious Living Strategist and trail blazer, who is an overcomer and legacy changer.  She is known for her knowledge, wisdom, and understanding along with quick results.  One of her passions is to see your life transformed from defeat to victory through her books, workbooks, coaching programs, and Victorious Living Community.  

She is a 7x #1 international best seller, published 20 books, and her book “Victorious Living: Guide to a Happier Life” was #1 in Hot New Releases.  Noreen has experienced many trials and tribulations in her life that could have kept her stuck, but she learned the tools to be victorious and overcome in her circumstances to victory, and that she can have joy and happiness and stay in peace during chaos while working through her issues.  As a result, Noreen is the Founder and Owner of Victorious Living Culture whose coaching and mentoring has helped countless people turn their situations into victory.  She is the creator of the “Unleashing Your Greatest Potential & Living Your Best Life…NOW!” annual conference and is now a TV Talk Show Host.  Noreen is the mother of three beautiful children, and four lovely grandchildren, at the moment, and she resides in New York City.

Victorious Living Creates Positive Change!

Victorious Living Culture helps individuals that know

  • “Stuck Is NOT Their Story”
  • People who want permanent change but don’t know how to get there
  • People who know that they must do the work for the change and are committed to doing just that.

Victorious Living Culture empowers you to live victoriously regardless of your life circumstances! The tools you learn and gain through our Victorious Living Culture’s empowering coaching programs, books, workbooks, etc. will equip you with the knowledge and wisdom to align yourself with peace and joy while enabling you to live VICTORIOUSLY!  Thus, unleashing your greatest potential and always living your best life now!

Steps, tools, and processes help individuals to overcome their circumstances to victory by learning key essentials to creating victorious habits.


Three truths that Victorious Living Culture teaches are:

1) Success begins with awareness.  

2) Gaining the right knowledge.  

3) The importance of our thoughts and words.

Most Valuable Piece of Business Advice to Women

Stay the course no matter what.  Make micro moves towards your goals every day, the end result will be a macro win.   Be patient with the journey as it does take time, energy, and finances, but remain focused on your goal, your vision, your purpose, and you will succeed.

What’s Next for Victorious Living?

Victorious Living Culture is excited about equipping mankind through it’s books and coaching programs along with its upcoming tv talk show, “Victorious Living With Noreen,” and the future endeavors that are forthcoming.  It’s exciting to see lives transformed to living their best lives NOW!

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