South West Africa A Great Place To Volunteer

Namibia – Volunteer Vacations with leopards, caracals and cheetahs


Hidden away in South West Africa, Namibia may not spring to mind straight away when you’re considering your holiday destination this year, but year on year visitors make their way across the globe to visit this unspoilt part of the world. From safaris to national parks and even coastal towns, there is so much to explore.

If, however, you fancy doing something a little bit different on your vacation this year, why not consider a volunteer holiday?

Volunteer vacations or holidays have become very popular in recent years, giving participants the opportunity to visit some amazing and remote parts of the world and while having the once in a lifetime chance to make a difference to the area you’re visiting Volunteer vacations can involve a range of projects – from research to helping in schools.

Because of the diversity and rarity of some of the species native to Namibia, you will have the opportunity to see animals you have never even heard of before. Taking part in a volunteer vacation means that you will be able to get so much more from the trip than only seeing the wildlife at the zoo. Cheetahs, leopards and caracals are all native to Namibia and you have the very unique opportunity to see them roaming around in their natural habitat.

Volunteer vacations in Namibia can vary in their content but a wildlife conservation project will most likely include research into these fantastic animals’ behaviour. Many of the rangers out in the plains don’t have the resources to be able to gather all the information they require so any additional help these expeditions can provide them is a bonus.

The best time to visit Namibia is between May and October when the weather is more bearable and with around 300 days of sunshine a year so the chances are the weather will be in your favour! Namibia is a very large country so the weather will vary slightly depending on the area you wish to visit. It is best to check with your trip organiser before you book your expedition so you know what to expect – and therefore what to pack!

Volunteering doesn’t have to mean scraping by on rice and chickpeas and sleeping on straw mats. While taking part in a volunteer vacation won’t be the life of luxury, organising companies will make sure that you comfort is of high priority and more importantly your safety too. Usually accommodation and meals are included in the price, although more often than not you will need to arrange your own flights to the destination.

So why not think about volunteering in Namibia this year and get the chance to see some of Africa’s most beautiful scenery and wildlife, and give a little bit back too.