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“Smile Masters” The Top Rated Medical Reality Show in the Middle East

A new trend has gone viral in the medical field of the Middle East. “Smile Masters” is the name of the new medical reality show that has been circulating among all the influencers and medical professional of the Arab world.

It has been confirmed that a renowned production company has approached the celebrity dentist Dr. Majd Naji to produce a weekly YouTube reality show which portrays his personal and professional life with his wife the well-known public figure Dr. Deema Basim, and his younger brother Dr. Mohammed Naji who recently returned to Dubai to pursue his dreams in the magical city of Dubai.

The launch of the show is expected to be on the 8th of November 2017, in an extravagant event under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum which will be held in one of Dubai’s fanciest ballrooms in the presence of H.E Humaid Al Qatami Chairman of the Board and Director General of Dubai Health Authority, and a great number of celebrities in which the event is expected to have 200 attendees followed by more than 250 million followers on their social media platforms.

It’s been noticed that the show gained a lot of support from several governmental sectors such as the Dubai Health Authority, and Dubai Tourism because the show is clearly well focused on exposing the highest standards of medical tourism where miracles were created in treating multiple hopeless cases in Dubai which is considered the most visited medical destination in the Middle East and the 18th on the world’s map.

The production company stated that Dr. Majd Naji and Liberty Dental Clinic are the ideal example to represent Dubai’s glamourous life and the high end medical facilities. In which they were hoping that Dr. Majd’s success story and his solid reputation will have a direct impact on the rating of the show to raise it to an international standard, and he obviously did as they mentioned.

Dr. Majd Naji’s expertise as a Cosmetic Dentist is recognized both locally and internationally. Celebrities from the music, movie and political domains come to Dubai for his care from all over the world, including international music producers such as RedOne, the legendary football star Fabio Cannavaro former captain of the Italian football team – winner of the FIFA world cup 2006, and of course several members of the royal family of the UAE and other countries around the world.

Recognition of his skills is evidenced by his ever-growing list of VIP patients and pristine reputation. His care of patients referred to him with dental deformities has been reported in many Pan Arab and International TV channels and magazines.

He has been featured in several high-profile integrated marketing campaigns for some of the most renowned global dental and fashion brands such as Sesodyne, Kerr, Celfa, and Zenith Watches.

Dr. Majd Naji founded the Liberty Medical Group in 1998 in Dubai, Liberty Dental Clinic was officially announced by GVPedia as the Best Dental Clinic in the UAE due to the clinic’s outstanding achievements in the world of dentistry, and earlier this year the clinic was awarded as the Best Medical Facility in the Middle East and Dr. Majd Naji received the Manager of the Year Award in the 2017 annual EBA ceremony that took place in the Institute of Directors in London, and he was the first Arab doctor to ever receive this award.

Having all that mentioned, Dr. Majd was honored by several local and international political personalities such as:
HH Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – Deputy Ruler of Dubai
HH Sheikh Jaber Al Mubarak Al-Sabah – Kuwaiti Prime Minister
Mr. James Alex Michel – President of the Republic of Seychelles
Mr. Mahmoud Abbas – President of Palestine

As Dr. Majd Naji is known to be a responsible member of the society in which he has was always fully committed towards supporting all the various sectors of the community in the UAE and abroad. Thus, he launched the Liberty Charity Initiative, where AED 1,000,000 are yearly donated to aid several charity organizations around the world.

The tremendous amount of achievements, helped Dr. Majd to grow a huge fanbase of people from around the world following him on his social media platform which made him the world’s first dentist to get all his social media accounts verified on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with a total of 6 million followers watching his every move, and for that he was titled as the “Social Doctor” by the Technological Gate Magazine and he is currently listed as the most followed dentist in world.

In addition to his collection of records, Dr. Majd is also the creator of the world’s most expensive smile at AED 550,000 which got all the daily newspapers from around the world talking about it, and both Lady Gaga and Floyd Mayweather got in contact with Liberty Dental Clinic to order the same smile for themselves as well.

As for Liberty Dental Clinic it is currently a long way ahead of the aesthetic dental market for being the one and only clinic to use the 3N Veneers technology in the Middle East.

Initially established in 2012 in the UK, the 3N Veneers has taken the world of aesthetic dentistry by storm as they have been manufacturing their products with the most biocompatible materials, and they gained a lot of popularity for having their handmade veneers professionally designed and painted by their international dental technicians.

Located in the heart of Dubai, and exclusively at Liberty Dental Clinic, 3N Veneers invaded the dental market by producing the latest generation of the minimal-prep veneers that is commonly known as the “Hollywood Smile”, however this time it’s done in the least invasive way in which no drilling, no pain, and no anesthesia is required, and can be completely done in just 2 visits within 1 week only.

The high demand of the 3N Veneers in the Middle East triggered the visit of Mr. James Andrickot the General Manager of 3N Veneers to the UAE for the opening of their first branch in the region, in which he announced that 3N Veneers are launching their latest product of veneers that is composed of D-silicate and is currently listed as the world’s thinnest and most aesthetic veneers due to their high transparency and low thickness of 0.2-0.4mm, yet characterized by an unexpected strength of 456-650Mpa.

All that and more will be seen and furtherly explained in the weekly episodes of Smile Masters that will increase your desire to visit Dubai and to sit on a dental chair as you have never expected before.

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