Thursday, January 20, 2022

Simon Cowell to leave American Idol

American Idol fans are shocked at news Simon Cowell the best-loved American Idol judge will be leaving the hit talent show.

Simon cowell leaving american idol According to sources on American Idol, Simon Cowell will be leaving the hit show that made him famous in America at the end of the current series which fans have said is shocking news and will be a huge turn off when the new series returns.

American Idol bosses are very concerned and are trying to convince Simon Cowell to stay knowing that without Simon Cowell with his sharp tongue and quick wit will leave the future of the show in doubt.

A source on the show has said, “The big bosses are trying to convince Simon to stay, they know that without Simon Cowell the show may have to end as they feel it could not continue without him”

Simon Cowell is reportedly wants to leave American Idol so he has the time to bring his other hit show X Factor where Leona Lewis was discovered to America for Fox TV to Broadcast which would put American Idol in jeopardy as American Idol bosses believe there is not enough room for two talent shows and with Simon Cowell at the helm, The X Factor would be the sure winner.”

Simon Cowell who has already made it clear he wants to bring X Factor over to America next year has not made any comment to confirm or deny that he will leave American Idol.

A source close to Simon Cowell Production Company has said

“Simon knows that he could not take The X Factor over to America if he was still working on American Idol as it would not give him any time to be a judge on the British version of The X Factor and Simon Cowell is committed to ITV who gave him his first big break “

Fans of the American Idol show have already started putting together a petition to keep Simon Cowell on the show.


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